The Many Ways To Wear Bobs and Baby Bangs

The beauty world’s fear of having too-short hair is long gone. With bobs and baby bangs hotter than ever more and more women are wondering if they can pull off a short ‘do. If you too are contemplating a chop, but wondering what your style options will look like, look no further. Below is a handful of ways to style both bobs and baby bangs.

The Many Ways to Wear Bobs

Bob haircuts


  • The Classic Bob: The blunt cut that your teenage-self said you would never wear, well now you can rock it. To imagine the size, think of model Karlie Kloss’s fresh cut bob.
  • The Baby Bob: For the women who want to go short, but not that short, the baby bob is a perfect choice. The ends of your hair should be grazing your chin so that it is too long to be considered a bob but too short to be considered a lob. Think of singer Julianne Hough’s short cut.
  • The Lob: The perfect cut when you want to assert your maturity, but still want that extra feminine oomph. The ends of the hair usually fall somewhere between just-above-the-shoulder and just below the collarbone. T.v. personality Khloe Kardashian, singer Nicki Minaj, and actress Ashley Benson have all been seen rocking this length.

Bob haircuts


  • Messy Curls: The tousled look is a great option for any bob. All you have to do is curl your hair as you normally would, apply a spritz of hairspray, then use your fingers to loosen everything up. If you get some frizzies while doing so, simply rub some anti-frizz serum between your palms and smooth it back down.
  • Tight Curls: Whether you emphasize your natural curls or use a small-barreled curling iron, this classic look work day and night.
  • Twisted Bun: It’s exactly what it sounds like! Simply twist your hair back into a bun, using as many bobby pins as you need to hold it in place. This is great for date night, taking all the hair away from your face so that your fabulous bone structure is the main focus.
  • Bombshell Bump: Yes, the bump is back on the rise, and it’s the perfect way to style your bob. Simply pull back the hair between your temples, give it a quick tease and use pins to hold it back.

Baby bangs

The Many Ways to Wear Baby Bangs:

  • If you have the itch to totally change up your look, a super cute option is a pixie cut with wispy baby bangs. Not only is this look super easy to style in the morning but you’re bound to be bombarded with compliments.
  • If Beyonce has been the inspiration of baby bangs, then you should wear them just as effortlessly as she does. Go for that I-woke-up-like-this look by simply using your fingers to scruff up your bangs once they’re totally dry.
  • If you’re a bit punky like Miss Kelly Osbourne, use a curling iron to give them a tuck.

Transitioning from Chemically Treated Hair

Woman holding her hair

A study conducted in the year 2008 offered two results that stuck out to us; the first major result was that 75 percent of women in the US dye their hair on a regular basis. The second statistic which caught our attention as that a whopping 88 percent of American women feel that their hair has an effect on their confidence levels!

If you’re like the majority of women in the country, you’ve colored your hair for all kinds of reasons. Whether you’ve done so to hide a few grays or you just generally enjoy the ability to change the color of your hair, you may have finally decided that you’re ready to go chemical free and let your natural locks grow free. Many people find themselves at this point for a variety of reasons. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help; read on to find out how you can successfully transition from chemically treated hair.

Do you highlight your hair on the regular?
If so, your transition away from chemically treated hair is arguably the easiest. Simply work on growing out those locks without coloring them, keeping in mind that you’ll have to rock different colored roots for a few weeks. The roots aren’t all bad, though! Since the ombre look is in, you should totally embrace the look of your grown out dye job. If you can’t stand the outgrown look, that’s okay too. You can have low lights placed in, reaping the chemical benefits just once or twice more. The lowlights will give you more of a natural look as you let the color grow out.

Do you color your hair a darker shade?
If you darken your hair on your own, it is probably worth your while to visit a professional for this transition. You should allow your hair to grow out for about two-to-three months, this way the stylist is able to get a goof idea of your natural hair color. Depending how dark you typically dye your hair, the stylist will with lighten the color or strip the color, either way, they have the goal of “lifting” the color. Once the color has been listed, they will re-color your hair by applying a solution that will produce your natural color. After that, your hair will continue to grow out and match the dye-job.

Have you been hiding grays?
If you’re ready to embrace your natural silver streaks, understand that the process may involve a bit more their the first two. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic gray shade that works for everyone because believe it or not, everyone’s shade of gray is different. That said, here are a few options for you to consider when transitioning from chemically treated hair.

– Depending on your current hairstyle, you will benefit from frequent, shortcuts. Obviously, your natural hair color will fully grow out much faster if you’re rocking a pixie cut.

– Assuming that your hair isn’t totally gray yet, you can have your stylist put in some highlights or lowlights (whichever suit the color of your natural hair) to help with the transition until your natural hair has grown all the way out.

– Instead of coloring your hair with a permeate color, use a demi- permeate. Demi colors don’t completely cover grays and they fade rather quick. Although many people avoid demi’s for these reasons, it makes them a great choice to cover your new-growth roots with, since they will allow the gray to shine through and over time all will fade to your natural color.

When Is It Time To Wash?

Woman getting a hair wash

Surely you’ve read articles that suggest you should wash your only once every other day. Maybe your sister-in-law told you that the answer to all your hair troubles was to wash your hair just once a week. Perhaps the truth is that although you know that it does more harm than good, you simply can’t even imagine what your hair would be like if you didn’t wash it every morning. You’re not alone. Many women are beyond confused how often they should actually be washing those locks. The problem is that so many women are looking for a one-size-fits-all answer to the question; more specifically a question that is totally dependent on the person asking!

Now, you may already know your scalp naturally produces oils, which you probably see only as the annoying grease that you need to wash out of your hair in the morning. It is often overlooked that these natural oils, which cover your roots at the end of a long day, are extremely nourishing. When you slather on that sudsy shampoo, you are actually stripping your scalp and hair of all these healthy oils. Eventually, one of two things happens: (1) the hair becomes brutally dry, broken and frizzy, or (2) the scalp overcompensates for the repetitive oil loss by producing more and more oils.

Check out the guide below which will give you a better idea of when you should be washing your hair, no matter what type of hair you have.

For those with Thin or Fine Straight Hair
You probably find that your hair is either always falling flat or always feeling oily, simply because your hair isn’t able to maintain volume as easy as other hair types. Washing can be tricky as both over-washing and under-washing can take a toll on your hair. To avoid flat, lifeless hair you should try to wash with shampoo and conditioner about three to four times per week. You are likely to experience the best results when using volumizing and moisturizing hair products. When conditioning, be sure that you are only adding the conditioner in the middle and lower parts of the hair, this way don’t over moisturize and weigh down the roots.

Woman shampooing hair

For those with Thick Straight Hair
People have probably been telling you for years how great your hair was, right? Although it may take an hour (or more) to dry sometimes, you are able to maintain your ‘do’s for days. This is great because it is recommended that people with thick straight hair wash once every other day, at the very most. If your hair is dry due to heat damage or over-washing, switch to a hydrating and repairing shampoo and conditioner.

For those with Tight Curls
It’s likely that you have the driest hair of all three hair types. The simple explanation is that it takes much longer for the natural oils to work their way down a curly strand of hair in comparison to how easily it is to slide down straight strands. For this reason, the best hair days are likely to happen if you give your hair two or three days in between washes. When washing, you’ll want to be sure that both your shampoo and conditioner are ultra moisturizing.

Over the Rainbow

Rainbow hairstyle

Rainbow colored hair is one of the hottest trends in the beauty world right now! If you’re like the majority of women interested in the look, chances are you have no clue of how to go about the vibrant style. If you are feeling a bit lost in the clouds over the rainbow look – but that’s okay! Read on to gather the info of everything you need to know for rocking the rainbow.

Color and Incorporation
If you’re reading this article, chances are more than likely that you’ve already begun looking into the different colors and styles that fall under the umbrella term of Rainbow Hair. It seems that there are more and more options everyplace you look. If you know you want to go for the look, but are looking for some extra inspiration, here are a just a few of our favorite color palettes and a handful of ways to incorporate the color into your hair:

  • Standard Rainbow: Just as it sounds, standard rainbow uses the six elementary rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple).
  • Electric Rainbow: This selection of colors is just a bit different from the standard rainbow in that instead of sticking to the typical rainbow shades, the colors are amplified; think of using highlighters to color a rainbow, rather than crayons.
  • Unicorn: This theme is super delicate and ultimately favored by those who typically stick to lighter color palettes. Colors in the unicorn rainbow include silver and very light blue and pink.
  • Watermelon: The daring watermelon rainbow includes the two main colors of the juicy fruit, pink and green.

Keep in mind that the color themes mentioned above make a very limited list. There are many, many more rainbow hair colors including electric watermelon, sherbet, mermaid, and more; the color options are endless. Once you’ve chosen the colors for your new look, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to incorporate the color into your hair.

  • A (very) full set of highlights: this will give you multi-colored streaks evenly throughout your hair.
  • Rainbow Roots: With this method, the rainbow color will not be visible when your hair is styled straight and left down, however as soon as you curl your hair, put it up, or even run your fingers through it, the rainbow color will pop.
  • Under Lights: This is very similar to rainbow roots, the variance being that there is less color and it is more of a streaky color than a chunky root color.
  • Under Layer: this is similar to getting a partial set of highlights; instead of getting the color on top of your head it will be under layers of hair and only visible when you pull your hair up into a ponytail or bun.

When the Trend Ends…
Just like any other bright beauty trend, this one will one day come to an end, which is why it’s important to keep in mind that rainbow hair is a pretty hefty commitment. If you’re not sure you can handle the commitment, there are a number of ways to rock the rainbow with lesser commitment, such as semi-color, hair chalk, and colored hair spray. That said, if you’re up for the commitment, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind during the heat of the trend, as well as when the trend starts to die down:

  • More likely than not, your stylist will have to bleach your hair prior to adding in a multiplicity of colors. This means that your hair will be extremely fragile as it will have gone through a double process to get where you want it. To maintain your hair’s integrity, it’s a good idea to use a deep conditioning treatment once a week or so. Another way to care for your newly colored hair is to wash it less frequently, this way it has a chance to absorb all those natural oils before they get washed out.
  • Keep in mind the typical fading time for the colors you’ve chosen; you may have residual hair color when the rainbow trend begins to die down. The best thing you can do in this case is to let the color fade naturally. By doing so, you are prolonging any re-damaging of the hair that may happen when you choose to dye your hair again. Typically, green, blue, and purple take the longest to fade.
  • No matter what color you dye your hair, new growth will appear, giving you those oh-so-dreaded-roots. With a “typical” color, you can simply visit your stylist to re-high light the new-growth and solve the problem, but it doesn’t work quite the same with rainbow colored hair. Eventually, you will be waiting for your color to fade, as your roots grow in and the trend has ended. You don’t want to color the roots, as this would only defeat the purpose to letting the color fade. But, remember you did a double process, which means under all that color, the hair cuticle is much lighter than the root, which makes things difficult. The best way to avoid awkward roots is to allow your hair to go through the natural fading process and have your stylist help you get your hair color where you want it.

Try These Japanese Hairstyles

The country of Japan is recognized worldwide for lush, inimitable culture. The people of Japan are known for their fun, yet modish style. Notorious for following all the latest beauty trends, Japanese women frequently sport unique and head-turning hairstyles. Many have wider foreheads that they prefer to hide with bangs; they also believe that bangs, which just barely reach the eyes, alude a sort of desirable-mystery about them. Generally speaking, Japanese women often keep their hair at a healthy, medium to long length. That said, those who prefer to keep their hair on the shorter side tend to have a layered look. In addition to their unique cuts, Japanese women are no strangers to wearing the latest hair color trends, as hair dye often complements their fair skin tone. Check out the popular Japanese hairstyles below and give them a try for yourself!  

Japanese hairstyle

Glam Doll
This look is directly inspired Barbie. In fact, there are a group of women who idolize Barbie, and for this reason, dress up like Barbie regularly. If you want to show off your young and fun side, this look is perfect for you. The Glam Doll leaves plenty of room for personalization, simply because it includes anything that Barbie herself would approve of – the one must-have in the look is thick, full bangs (bonus points is they’re styled with a large barrel round brush). Other than that, you can make the look your own with long, pin-straight locks or large, perfectly placed, bouncy curls. Master the look by adding hair clips, bows, and more!

Roller Buns
This style has reminded popular for more than a few years now. Most often worn by those with shorter cuts or those who belong to the younger generations, the look is super easy to achieve. Begin by creating a center part all the way through your hair, then use an elastic to secure a semi-messy bun on each side of your head. The buns are typically placed up higher on the head, but you can add your own personality to the style be securing them as high or low as you’d like. If you need the look to appear more polished, secure two pigtails, then use two small hair donuts to create buns.

Beautiful woman wearing glasses

Kitty Ears
This look is for anyone who likes to be the center of attention. What you’re going to do is create two tiny pigtails that should line up diagonally above your eyes. Use a regular sized hair tie to secure the pigtail, then twist it around and around just until it starts to coil on itself. Next, wrap the twisted pony completely around the hair tie. Once all the hair is wound up, stick two bobby pins at the base of the kitty ear, so that they are crossing over each other like an X. Once secured with bobby pins, use your finger to pull the center of the wrapped hair up just a bit, in order to create the classic pointy kitty ear.

Twisted Bouffant
This half-up-half-down style looks stunning on those with medium length layered hair, plus it takes almost no effort at all! Simply start by pulling your hair into a loose half pony and use the tip of a comb to pull out just a few small sections of hair. Rather than just securing the pony right away, use our fingers to twist the pony atop itself. Once it’s as twisted as you like, slip a few bobby pins in the top and the bottom of the twist. You can even heat the look up a bit by curling the loose hair – perfect for date night.

Runway Hairstyles

Bangs hairstyle

Not My Style
Unless you are one of the few to work in the fashion industry, or have a passion for high fashion, you may find that trends making their way down the runway are not typically holding much influence over your style. Indeed, the looks adorning long legged models are typically extreme and accented with Avant Garde hair and makeup. While Avant Garde looks are nothing short of stunning, they are not easy for the majority of women to incorporate into their everyday look.

2016 Fashion Week
Unexpectedly, the models rocking the catwalks of 2016 fashion week were sporting hairstyles that you might actually want to give a try! The five runway hair trends bellow are not only simple enough to try tomorrow, but they are guaranteed to keep heads turning all day long.

Center part hairstyle

Tinseltown /

Hairstyle: Center Part
Get the look: Heidi Klum hair, anyone? Believe it or not, the center part has actually been a top runway hair trend since the 1970’s. It gives you an incredibly professional look that is ultra easy to achieve. No matter what your hair type, this versatile trend will work. Simply comb all your hair back, and then use the end of the comb to separate your hair into a center part.

Side parted hair

s_bukley /

Hairstyle: Side Part
Get the look: Much like the center part, the side part has remained popular on runways for decades. For Megan Fox, Cara Delevingne fans, you may have already given this look a try. For a natural side part, use a comb to part your hair lining up with the arch of your brow.

Wavy hairstyle /

Hairstyle: Waves
Get the look: Waves and volume, what could be sexier? Imagine the hair of the Victoria’s Secret Angels – someone queue the fan, please? The best way to achieve this look is to use a good set of extensions.  However, you can also get this look using a large round brush and your hairdryer, finishing with a high-quality lightweight hair spray.

Bangs hairstyle


Hairstyle: Bold bangs
Get the look: It seems as if bangs will never go out of style. As the soft, side-swept bangs make their way out of popularity, bold and blunt cut bangs are now all the more popular. On the runway, it seems that the boldest bangs are making the biggest statements. For this look, we suggest making an appointment with your hairstylist, as he or she can assure your bangs are cut to perfection. If you have a specific look in mind, go ahead and bring a picture to the appointment with you!

Braids and twists

Hairstyle: Braids and Twists
Get the look: Braids have been a trend before being a trend was even a thing! Typically, the braids that are seen on the runway are very Avant Garde; recently the braids spotted on the catwalk have been accented with twists and seem to have been inspired by the strong leading ladies of today – yes, we’re talking about Katniss of Hunger Games and Elsa of Frozen. To achieve the perfect runway braid give yourself a Dutch side French braid.  You will start this just like any other French braid, but the key here is to pull the outside sections under the middle section (instead of over the middle section like you would normally do).

Retro Hairstyles: Waves, Curls & Bangs

Retro hairstyle

Anyone who watches fashion trends–and particularly when it comes to hair–is surely stumped anytime long hair comes into a real trend status, because it’s not something that can be acquired with a tool or one-day salon process. Now, sure, there are always extensions, but we’re talking about some serious real hair here. In order to “show up” with the right hair length that’s trending, these girls would have had to all start on it a few to several years before. Does something just signal the minds of a large percentage of women all at the same time, whereby they all start growing out their tresses in tandem or what? It wasn’t all that many gens ago that women everywhere, of all ages and cultures simply didn’t cut their hair. Oh how far we’ve come in a matter of decades, from that long hair time to a highly sophisticated range of amazingly articulate cutting, razoring, shearing and clipping fetes that not only look great, but command hair to do what the cut tells it to.

Coming Around Again–Different Yet the Same
As the old saying goes, “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” and this could not be any truer than when it comes to women’s (and men’s,) hairstyles. At any given time, there seems to be a return of some significance to a nostalgic waxing of hair (no, we’re not talking hair removal here, either.) So a peek into the current most sought-after styles originating in yesteryear heyday, there are some that are back, but this time, with the elocution and new age tools and techniques to advance them all way forward, in many ways. Here are some of the ones we love, for retro hair–as in, ”the long and short of it.”


The Scarfed Updo
A cool aspect of this retro look is that it rocks every length of hair, because shorter styles can be tousled and fluffed or waxed for a messy togetherness, and anything longer than 5 or so inches can be gathered, pinned, twisted and arranged as full-updone tresses. The scarf that’s included in wrapping the head does almost all the talking here. For a more modern take on this, ditch the red with white polka dots and do a new print scarf! To this look, add some cool retro earrings and some bright, cherry-red lipstick, and get goin’!

Side ponytail

Teased Crown with Side Pony
This is one of the simplest hairstyles, but it is so very retro-representative, and glamorous, when paired with thick eyeliner with wings. This one’s best on two or three day hair, but you can come close to the same effects with some texturizing spray and product. It’s all about big on top, with texture and some hidden backcombing, and a side ponytail. Finish off with a strand of hair covering the band, or a cool scarf. Depending on your hair’s innate thickness, you can even backcomb your ponytail.

Pony Times Two
This double ponytail begins way up high at the crown, and is so sophisticated, with a second cinching, just inches away from the first gather. It’s great for casual, and can rock the most stylish evening formality, ever. Another go-to, when there’s just no time to wash your hair.

Side part wavy bob

Mid-Length Wavy Bob and Low Side Part
Remembering the lovely Charlotte Rampling, or Julie Christie rock this style makes it all the more desirably sexy. This is the best face-framing style ever. By using heated rollers, part the hair deeply on one side, and leave the rollers in, till they’ve fully cooled. Tousle with your fingers and perfect the one-eye slow look.

Makeup For YOUR Hair Color

Whether you are a woman who changes her hair color and cut just as soon as any new trend is announced, or alternately of the persuasion that it’s best to stick with one color and style all the time–never changing a thing–have you ever wondered if your makeup matches your hair? While it’s always been important, there is more attention being devoted to the manner in which one affects the other, in the general process of creating or reducing a beautiful look. Obviously, you apply makeup with the same intent that you style and color your hair–to look fabulous–so there’s more to learn, for a new savvy makeup pairing. Here are some hair guidelines to print out and stick to the mirror where you apply your makeup:

Makeup ideas for blondes

For Blondes
All tones of blonde to light brown look best with soft, pastel shades. Pale pinks and peach tones are your best blush colors, and go with light pinks and peaches to medium roses. Mascara and liner in browns lighten you up, and even pink eyeshadows rock this hair color. Other good color matching shades for shadow include bone and ash tones. For bold nightlife, bolder colors are fine, but be careful not to go overboard. Brows: light to medium ash blonde to sable.

Makeup ideas for dark hair color.

Dark Hair Colors
Moving into darker browns and black, avoid pastels and introduce some non-pale color, especially to your lips and cheeks. Deeper pinks, rose-infused browns and mauves are your best lip and cheek colors. Cooler undertones of blue effects give reds the trick your hair coloring will love. Only black for mascara and liner can be a little lighter, but not much. Dark browns and charcoal liners are the lightest to try. Mocha and gold shimmery shadows complete the lids. Dark tones for neutrals will always be your best bet. Brows should either match or be a couple shades lighter. Brown brows–mahogany, and black brows–never black: smokey.

Makeup ideas for redheads.

For You Redheads
Your choice of warm toned hair color desires a nice warm shade of makeup. Medium to rosy browns make your best blush colors, and some subtle shades of orange undertones are fine. Same goes for lips: peach tones, brown-undertoned pinks and you can rock that red, Girlfriend. Lid shades are fun, with greens fun to play with. Bones, taupes and muted pinks are bliss here. Taupes to red-infused browns are your go-to colors for brows and lids.

Makeup ideas for white hair

Gray Hair Beauty
Of all the colors, Gray hair rocks the passion of deeper makeup shades like no other. Try out those brilliant reds, pinks and oranges–lipsticks and blushes. Go softer on blush tones, though. Stay clear of real colors on your lids–whites and grays are your go-to shades. Dark to medium gray eyeliner, please. Brows: from slate to taupe.

makeup ideas for your hairstyle.

Makeup for Your Hair Style 

  • Bangs: Bangs–especially the voluminous ones naturally draw attention to your eyes. Play it up with some metallics, but stick to the golds and more muted tones here, so you’ll look exotic without looking foreign. Don’t forget the liner, and keep your lips on the nude side, for balance. Bangs that come with those adorable pixie cuts will draw attention to your eyebrows, too, so make sure to keep them in tip-top shape and color with complementary one shade lighter colors.
  • Braids: Long hair, swept up in today’s gorgeous braids call for soft, romantic shades and pastel lips and blushes–nothing dark. We’re calling attention to the hair in this case. Don’t add makeup that fights this effort.
  • Bobs: Perfect style to mute the eye effect and do up those lips–fun, bold colors rock the bob.

Hottest Hairstyles for Men

Not a lot of time is spent discussing men’s hairstyles, at least not in comparison to the many styles for women’s hair. Most men could probably name a decent number of women’s hairstyles, but both men and women would struggle to come up with even a handful of men’s. Why is this? Is it because men don’t spend as much time sculpting their hair, do they not care as much, or is just not enough attention given to men from hair stylists? The truth is that there are a multitude of great hairstyles out there for men right now, and they all look great, the key is finding one that works for you. A great way to test out what might look good on you is through specific apps that allow you to superimpose your face into many of the following hot hair trends for men. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest and most popular hairstyles right now.

Tight and straight

High and Tight
This is the prohibition era hairstyle that was often seen in period movies, but has now become quite popular among young professionals. In order to make it work, you’ll have to have straight hair; curls won’t work. The sides are buzzed extremely short, while the top is left at least a couple inches long, then combed straight back and gelled.

Shoulder length hairstyle

Shoulder Length
Everyone from Brad Pitt to Ashton Kutcher has been spotted with the shoulder length hairdo in recent years. This is a simple look to maintain, it just takes some time to get there. Also, please make sure you get it trimmed up once every month or so, you don’t want to end up looking like Arnold in the Conan the Barbarian.

Fringe hairstyle

The Fringe
Surprisingly, this messy hairstyle with forward-combed hair has become a popular trend. Most men wouldn’t think about having bangs, but this look has worked on the runways and for fashion models recently. Instead of combing directly forward in a classic bang look, try combing a bit to the side for a more angular look.

Bedhead hairstyle

Bed Head
This messy look works on anyone with thick or wavy hair, but if you have very fine or straight hair it won’t work so well. While it looks like you just got out of bed and forgot to fix your hair, this look actually takes quite a bit of work to look good. You can spend a ton of time with gel or wax trying to get the perfect look, but we suggest just adding a bit to your towel dried hair, and messing it up pretty rough before touching it up slightly with a comb.

Caesar hairstyle

The Caesar
This popular cut is a mix between a buzz cut and a fringe. Keep it short on the sides and long on the top, and if you’re feeling bold, brush the front over your forehead for a more genuine Roman look. Think Russell Crowe in The Gladiator! It doesn’t get hotter than that!!

Popular 50s Hairstyles

It was a thrilling time to be alive–a return to restore families and life as usual to Americans, right after WWII, when prosperity was being returned and once again there was such a thing as “disposable income.” Many women, just like today, styled their hair to copy styles they had seen on the big screen, where beauty was big business those days. With a wave of films made in Italy and with great screen stars like Sophia Loren, there was a strong Italian influence on hair styles. And as TV became more widely available, the star influence flourished even more. While the trend was to style hair to look more natural, for many women that actually meant using a lot of products and efforts like perms and coloring. And they were called “hairdos, rather than hairstyles, encompassing every length imaginable, but there were more short styles than at any time before. What follows are some of the most sought after styles of the decade:

Woman with retro hairstyle.

Italian Influenced Hair
It was those gorgeous stars of Italian movies whom left American women undergoing major transformations to emulate big name stars like Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida whose trademark hairstyles were short, fluffy and wavy, with shaggy ends. Larger hoop earrings and bigger chunky necklaces were paired with these styles with great impact. This was known as the Italian cut.

Shorter Styles
There was a wide variety of styles worn in the 50s, but shorter hair more or less came into prominence during the decade, with a couple of select styles typically featuring big waves and curls that were concentrated on the ends of the hair, with the hair proceeding from the crown being flat and straight. The curls or waves would tend to frame the face. Another couple of popular hairdos kind of predated the 60s afro, although the styles were sported by caucasian women. One was the bubble cut, featuring a bit looser curls, and the poodle cut had tighter ones.

Woman with short hair

Bobs and Pageboys
Bobs were the shorter versions of the two, and pageboys typically involved bangs. The hair had to be perfectly silky-straight, all the way down until it would loosely turn under, on the ends, as if naturally. Usually, “natural” didn’t have anything to do with it. There might be an occasional wave here or there, but only when purposefully articulated to look natural. A prime example was the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, whose pageboy turned under right at her jawline.

Longer Locks of the 50s
Still a good number of trendy 50s women, both in Hollywood and at “Small Town, USA” wore their hair longer. A huge trend among teens was the ponytail, typically worn with bangs worn straight. Short bangs were a thing more then than now, and generally, the younger the female, the higher the ponytail would be positioned. Many teens would secure their ponytail with a pretty scarf. Audrey Hepburn was certainly one of the most influential of Hollywood heads, and when she starred in Funny Face in 1957, her long ponytail surely inspired the trend that followed. Bouffants were the rage in the 50s, with its trademark volume and height. A whole lot of hair lacquer was necessary to pull this one off, and the style would last for days without washing. With this style, wearing hats was out, but sometimes accents were added directly, like feathers, bows and more.

Pixie cut.

Short 50s Hair
Audrey Hepburn made the “gamine,” or “elfin” look a 50s trend, which was also called the “pixie cut.” This cut was quite short and layered, and inspired many a fan to duplicate the look with a trademark high cut shaggy fringe.