Take Years Off Your Look

Woman  getting her hair colored

The inevitable thing about life is we all get older; whether we like to accept it or not, part of getting older is acting and looking the part. Truth be told, your skin tone probably is not the same shade that it was in college. So why are you still getting your roots colored the same shade that you chose when you landed your first job? Believe it or not, one of the biggest secrets to taking years off your look is to choose the best color for your current skin tone. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that skin tone and skin color are not exactly the same thing. Typically, skin tone is described as warm, cool, or neutral; this is the skin’s undertone that shows through the color of the surface of your skin. This means that regardless of various changes in the actual color of skin (such as a sun tan or skin rash) the skin tone always remains the same.

Keeping the above in mind, your skin color or your complexion tends to develop a dull color, or what some might call pale. When your hair color is the suited to your skin tone, the dulling skin makes it more obvious, and it can make you look drained and tired. No one should look washed out, even on their worst days! To make sure you look your best at any age, keep reading and find out which color complements your skin tone.

Fair with Cool Undertones
You should try… an auburn hair color with a shine reflecting dimension, this will bring out the natural pink in your cheeks, making you skin appear fuller and younger! If you’re not one for reds, you may like a multidimensional blond hair color, which will offset any dullness in your facial skin, making your skin like brighter.

Fair with Warm Undertones
You should try… soft copper colored hair. This color will flatter your age by creating an illusion to soften wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the eyes.

Between Fair and Medium with Warm Undertones
You should try… a natural looking ombre, much like Julia Roberts sun-kissed look. The low placed lighter colors draw attention away from the hallowing areas of the face, giving the appearance of immature facial skin.

Medium with Cool Undertones
You should try… a silky soft black hair color. As long as you don’t kill and dry out your hair with heat tools day after day, your hair will give off a young radiance. Keep in mind that jet-black can be harsh, but if you stick to a soft black your complexion will appear smooth and young.

Medium with Warm Undertones
You should try… a golden or milk chocolate brown hair color. This color is one that flatters women of any age. This works even better if you have brown eyes! The coordination your hair and eye colors create a natural bronze appearance for youthful looking skin.

Heat Free Hairstyles for Summer

Pigtails hairstyle

While in the midst of the dog days of summer, the last thing anyone wants to do post-shower is to spend countless minutes blowing hair-dryer heat directly onto our head. Sure, hair-dryers have s purpose, but with summer temperatures in the 90’s any and all unnecessary heat is simply unwanted. If you’re ready to put your high-heat hair-dryer away until cooler days recommence, check out the uber-cute hairstyles below; they’re heat free making them perfect for summer!

Fishtail Pigtails
Bring out your inner mermaid this summer by rocking a set of fishtail pigtails. Simply part your hair down the center, and start the fishtail pattern around the ear area. Keep the pattern going all the way down to the tips of your hair and secure it with a tiny elastic. As you might have already guessed you’ll go ahead and do the same fishtail pattern on the other side, and secure it with an elastic, and completing the fishtail pigtail look.

Headband Twist and Wrap
You may have seen this ‘do elsewhere on Lionesse, that’s because it’s one of our favorite five-minute hairstyles! It’s super cute, beyond easy, and requires no heat at all! The best thing about the headband twist and wrap is that you can create the look with just-out-of-the-shower hair. Simply slip your headband atop your head as you normally would, then grab small sections of the hair, twist them around your finger and wrap them under and around the headband. Keep taking, twisting, and wrapping new sections of hair until all your hair is away from your face and off your neck, snugly tucked into the headband.

Wavy hair

Effortless Waves
If you are already a fan of the headband twist and wrap you’re about to love it even more. Get two looks out of the twisted look by wearing keeping your hair wrapped in the headband the throughout the night. If you’re worried that your will hair will fall out of the headband in the middle of the night, just add a bit of strong hold hairspray. When you wake up in the morning, take the headband out and your hair will fall into loose waves that took close to no effort at all.

Bubble Ponytail
This look is popping up all over Instagram and Tumblr, probably because so many young ladies are realizing just how easy this no heat hair style is! You use freshly-washed air-dried hair, or second-day dry shampooed hair, either way, you’ll being by gathering all your hair together into a mid-high positioned ponytail. Secure it with a thin, but sturdy elastic. Take a small section of the pony and wrap it around the elastic. Dampen your fingers with some strong hold hairspray, and use your fingers to smooth down and hold the wrapped hair in place. Tease the remaining ponytail hair, then about three-or-so inches down the pony, take bother section of hair and wrap it around. This time, use a small, clear elastic to secure it. Keep doing this same thing every few inches down the ponytail until you’ve reached the bottom.


Summer 2016 Hair Hues

Women have been changing up their hairstyles for summer ever since new hair hues and fancy cuts became an option. Now that beach season is finally here, you may be yearning for the perfect new ‘do. This summer, its all about going lighter, brighter, and intense with those locks. Check out our list of summer 2016 hair hues, and get ready to heat up your look!

When it comes to fashion and makeup, nude tones are all the rage right now; it was only a matter of time before nude hair started gaining popularity. Nude is created through a balance of warm and cool tones. The opposing tones sort of “cancel” each other out and create a flattering natural color that looks great on all skin tones.

Pewter Blonde

DFree / Shutterstock.com

Pewter Blonde
Blonde is always a safe summer color but this summer, light blonde is turning up a notch! Pewter blonde is great for those who are already rocking beach-bum colored locks. Your stylist will likely make this look work for you by adding a full set of platinum highlights, then throwing in a few silver streaks. You can even request that your stylist to add in some honey or gold streaks in the front to help frame the face.

That’s right, your favorite summer snack might just be your favorite hair hue of summer 2016. Perhaps the most adventurous color trend of the season, watermelon hair is created through a double process. Your stylist will start by lifting or bleaching the hair so that it a ready for color, then (s)he will combine vivid greens  in the upper two-thirds, which will melt into sweet flirty pinks in the bottom portion of the hair.

creamy blonde hair hue

Creamy Blonde
For those of you who love blonde hues, but aren’t digging the rock ‘n’ roll vibe of pewter blonde, you might be interested in going for a creamy blonde color. Your stylist will add a mix of golden hues and white blonde hues, for a sexy, sophisticated, creamy blonde look that flatters just about every skin tone.

Color Bleed
The color bleed trend can be done with virtually any two hair colors, although we think the trend looks best on those with already-dark hair. Similar to an ombre, your stylist will gradually blend the vibrant color of your choice from the roots all the way down. When done correctly, it should not look like over-due new growth, rather the colors should just melt into each other.

Snowlights highlighting

Snow Lights
The trend of “snowlight” highlights began this spring and is getting more and more popular.  This new trend that every blonde girl should try is easy to achieve. Your stylist will take your hair to the next level by adding pale blonde highlights all throughout your hair, creating the illusion of lifted, shimmering locks.

Auburn Balayage
For all the girls who are in-love with Selena Gomez’s hair, but not to sure why, here’s your answer! Selena has been rocking her layered auburn balayage, and you can rock this look too! Ideal for longer-layered styles, your stylist will add dimension to already dark hair by strategically placing auburn colored streaks throughout the middle and end portions of the hair. You’ll leave the salon with locks that look like they’ve been kissed by sun.