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Bangs hairstyle

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Unless you are one of the few to work in the fashion industry, or have a passion for high fashion, you may find that trends making their way down the runway are not typically holding much influence over your style. Indeed, the looks adorning long legged models are typically extreme and accented with Avant Garde hair and makeup. While Avant Garde looks are nothing short of stunning, they are not easy for the majority of women to incorporate into their everyday look.

2016 Fashion Week
Unexpectedly, the models rocking the catwalks of 2016 fashion week were sporting hairstyles that you might actually want to give a try! The five runway hair trends bellow are not only simple enough to try tomorrow, but they are guaranteed to keep heads turning all day long.

Center part hairstyle

Tinseltown /

Hairstyle: Center Part
Get the look: Heidi Klum hair, anyone? Believe it or not, the center part has actually been a top runway hair trend since the 1970’s. It gives you an incredibly professional look that is ultra easy to achieve. No matter what your hair type, this versatile trend will work. Simply comb all your hair back, and then use the end of the comb to separate your hair into a center part.

Side parted hair

s_bukley /

Hairstyle: Side Part
Get the look: Much like the center part, the side part has remained popular on runways for decades. For Megan Fox, Cara Delevingne fans, you may have already given this look a try. For a natural side part, use a comb to part your hair lining up with the arch of your brow.

Wavy hairstyle /

Hairstyle: Waves
Get the look: Waves and volume, what could be sexier? Imagine the hair of the Victoria’s Secret Angels – someone queue the fan, please? The best way to achieve this look is to use a good set of extensions.  However, you can also get this look using a large round brush and your hairdryer, finishing with a high-quality lightweight hair spray.

Bangs hairstyle


Hairstyle: Bold bangs
Get the look: It seems as if bangs will never go out of style. As the soft, side-swept bangs make their way out of popularity, bold and blunt cut bangs are now all the more popular. On the runway, it seems that the boldest bangs are making the biggest statements. For this look, we suggest making an appointment with your hairstylist, as he or she can assure your bangs are cut to perfection. If you have a specific look in mind, go ahead and bring a picture to the appointment with you!

Braids and twists

Hairstyle: Braids and Twists
Get the look: Braids have been a trend before being a trend was even a thing! Typically, the braids that are seen on the runway are very Avant Garde; recently the braids spotted on the catwalk have been accented with twists and seem to have been inspired by the strong leading ladies of today – yes, we’re talking about Katniss of Hunger Games and Elsa of Frozen. To achieve the perfect runway braid give yourself a Dutch side French braid.  You will start this just like any other French braid, but the key here is to pull the outside sections under the middle section (instead of over the middle section like you would normally do).

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