“Running Late” Hairstyles

The last thing you want to do when you are running late, is your hair. But your entire ensemble can feel incomplete and disheveled if your hair is not “done”! So what are your choices?? Sometimes, it can be worth that extra two minutes just to come up with a quick “do”, to NOT look unkempt. You’re already going to be late anyway, you may as well look good when you show up!

These are the quick and easy trends for “running late” hair that will keep you looking fashionably fabulous!

Stylish woman wearing a sleek ponytail.

The Sleek Ponytail
You cannot go wrong with a slicked back, tight ponytail. They are clean and easy, completing any look from casual to a little more dressy. Remember to always use either a fabric covered band to keep from breaking hair and a band that either matches your hair color or your outfit. Use a light wax or hairspray to keep the ponytail looking sleek and to keep frizzies at bay all day.

Woman with ponytail hair.

The Side Part Ponytail
The sleek style, but in a different location – part your hair on one side and slick it back into a low ponytail for a different look. Just as gorgeous and professional looking as the sleek ponytail, just a little more stylish. This is also a great style for anyone from the late at-home mom to the business woman on the go. Same rules apply, just keep it healthy!

Woman with braided hair.

Loose Braids
It’s the “I just rolled out of bed and threw my hair back into this old thing” look. Part your hair on one side (not down the middle) and loosely braid it, securing the end tightly with a fabric covered band. Pull pieces gently loose to avoid looking to “done”, then spray lightly with an aerosol hairspray to keep stray hairs in place.

Woman wearing baseball cap.

Baseball Cap
You can’t go wrong with a favorite sports team baseball cap and ponytail. For the more casual look, a t-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap actually LOOK put together. No one will ever know you were running too late to take a shower! Probably the easiest and most fun look, not to mention a great transition into that after school or after work game.

Woman with tousled bun hairstyle.

The Tousled Bun
Start with the slicked back ponytail or side parted ponytail, then wrap the ponytail hair around itself in a circular motion. Take a fabric covered ponytail holder and loosely wrap it twice around the bun. If pieces are sticking out here and there, all the better! The tousled bun is a sexy, yet simple look for all ages and styles.

Keep it simple, are words to live by when you are deciding on which “running late” hair do to go with!

100 thoughts on ““Running Late” Hairstyles

  1. My rush hair style is the slicked back ponytail. I blow dry the top front of my hair where the bangs are first, then I slick back the sides and back that are still wet and put in a ponytail. I use hairspray on the wet hair on the sides and brush it over so it stays sleek. Then I allow the ponytail to dry naturally curly in the back.

  2. My hair never looks this good with a flat iron!! Whether running late or lots of time I have a really hard time with a flat iron. I’m always afraid of burning my hair!!

  3. I love these ideas! The Tousled Bun is so cute and it looks like it would be difficult to do, but the way you have described it, I think I could do this for my running late hairstyle (or any time)!

  4. The running Late styles are really helpful for my daily routies. I alwys become late for getting ready for the office but now onward i have the option of styling my hair quickly

  5. I have to admit it, I have been known to use a baseball cap or two! My son and husband say I look good with one on, so I guess it can’t be too bad. I think I will go for the tousled bun look next time I’m running late!

  6. I love the tousled bun look. But I can never get my hair to go like that. I don’t really have a quick style. It usually takes me a half hour or so to do my hair every day. When I have time I try to play around to find an easier/quick style. But, so far no luck.

  7. I love a good quality flat iron. They make me go from “not good bed head” to sleek and styled. My running late style always include my flat iron to keep it silky straight, even if I am using the pony tail in a baseball hat style.

  8. I keep my hair short and spike it up. Don’t really mess it up at night so when someone calls and wants to go out I just add some gel and hairspray and I’m ready to go. My daughter’s hair is long and she puts it up in a pony tail or ball cap and heads out.

  9. These styles look good and they look like they are easy to do, I just wish I could do something like this, my hair would probably look like I combed it with a rake or was electrocuted.

  10. All the styles look fabulous. Since I have really long hair my running late style is a braid. I usually do a fishtail braid which is super easy, stylish and fast for me.

  11. I’m a sucker for the side part ponytail look and the loose braids! Easy and looks finished enough to get you out of the house and on the go!

  12. These running late hairstyles look fabulous. Even if I wasn’t running late I would consider any of these. Ponytails are always in style no matter to the side or back and even twisted into a messy bun.

  13. They are all super cute. Iv been practicing the side braid. I can never get it tight but that’s ok with me because the loose braid is so beautiful

  14. The slick ponytail has been and will always be my running late style! I always have 500 things on mind witch makes me run late all the time, everyone gets crazy with me. But my hair is always on point! I put some argan oil in my hair for the wet look (especially if my hair is already greasy and I haven’t had time to wash it) then I calmb it supe slick and put the pony tail high up for a sharp look. Go trough the tail a few times with the flat iron and the last touch is a dark red lipstick and voila – my running late but always classy look 🙂

  15. I’m hardly ever late but when I am, my hair is the hardest part. I’ve done the pony tail look before but haven’t tried the loose braid. I will definitely do it next time, thanks for the great hair tips!

  16. The tousled bun is my go to style! As my hair grows out I look to keep it out of the way, when on the go. This style is functional, no matter where I go and looks great. I love the look of the loose braid as well!

  17. I’m very fortunate that I can just brush or comb my wavy hair and go…every single day. I used to spend way too much time straightening with a flat iron which made me late all the time, then one day I just let it go natural and got so many compilments on it that I decided to keep it like that and I’m never late anymore!

  18. I live wearing ponies, braids & buns! They are my everyday trusted styles – but I do like to get a nice up-do for special occasions.

  19. HAHA I use all but the last of these on a regular basis. We call it my hair do :D. But I love that tossled bun. I do a bun on the top of my head but at the nape of the neck with hair all over looks awesome. I am going to try this today and see how I like it on me!

  20. I wear my hair up alot when working always in a ponytail or bun, but when I am at home or going out I like to spice things up and try different hair styles

  21. Such a helpful article! Love all of these cute hairstyles, especially the ‘Loose Braids’ one which suits my style very well! 🙂

  22. I like the looks of the sleek ponytail and its variations, also I like the loose bun, but not really a fan of the loose braid! Always been a fan of the baseball cap though, especially on bad hair days! =)

  23. I like the idea of quick styles for those times I’m running late. (more often than I want to admit) I have shorter hair and I like a fast heating flat iron so I can do a quick smooth and then loose tossle.

  24. As a busy mom, I really appreciate the variety of different hairstyles to try out in a hurry. Thank you for the ideas!

  25. These tips are great unfortunately I just cut about 8in off of my hair! Ugh, and I’m in love with that braid! Could you do a similar article for medium/short hair?!?

  26. Whether I’m running late or I have time to do my hair, it’s always the poney tail I go for because it’s fast, good looking and heat proof, but I really loved the look of the braids so I’ll try it asap 🙂

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