Hot Hairstyles For 2017

One of the exciting things about the start of a new year is that we get to welcome the start of brand new beauty trends.  2016 was filled with amazing and exciting hairstyle trends, and we’ve been itching to see what trends experts are saying we have to look forward to this year.  Now that we’re a couple of weeks into 2017, we thought it was the perfect time to share some of the hot hairstyles for 2017 that we can start to anticipate seeing and even adapting ourselves.

woman with brown blonde hair

Every year seems to have the debate on whether to go blonde or brunette and we see a lot of both, but something new we have to look forward to in 2017 is a new take on BOTH hair colors – it’s a combination of the two hues.  Yep, the bronde hair color is literally the combination of both blonde and brunette hair.  The great thing about this particular hairstyle is that experts are suggesting that the maintenance on this is pretty low because it’s got a more grown-in vibe to it.  Additionally, because it’s a combination of blonde and brunette it looks great on pretty much anyone.  Bonus!

Blunt Bangs with Long Hair
We’ve had so many different hair cuts, lengths and bang styles over the years, but this year one of the hot hairstyles we can expect to see quite a bit of is the blunt bang cut with a longer length.  It’s a unique and fresh take on long hair.  Since so many long hairstyles have been about no bangs or the sideswept style, a full blunt bang is a different twist that we’re excited to see more of in the new year.  In addition to the blunt bang, the style can be expected to be worn in a way that really emphasizes the natural texture of your (or their) hair.

woman with curly hair

Celebrating Natural Texture
In 2016, there was a major rise in celebrating natural texture of hair – whether a woman has naturally curly hair, straight hair or wavy, it was all about enhancing and really working with what your hair naturally does.  It doesn’t seem like there’s any sign of the natural texture celebration going anywhere anytime soon.  Many of the trusted hair experts in the industry are saying that we’re going to continue seeing the natural hairstyle celebration continuing with women embracing their natural curls and waves in a way that we’ve really never seen before.

Dramatic Side Part
The trends in hair parts always change frequently, and in the past year, it’s really been a lot about the middle part.  But in 2017, we’re expecting to see a lot of dramatic side parts to be popping up in the locks of ladies everywhere.  There’s always been something so chic about a side part, and going for a deep side part adds a fun little drama to any hairstyle – no matter what your hairstyle or texture is.

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