Home Hair Coloring Tips

Coloring your hair at home on your own might seem completely terrifying – especially if you’ve never done it yourself before. Lionesse understands your fears, and wants to help you by providing you with some helpful tips and advice before you begin. Check out our tips on home hair coloring in the article below.

Woman coloring her hair at home.

Follow Included Instructions
Every at home hair coloring kit comes with a helpful instructional pamphlet. Be sure to read it before you complete your at-home coloring, and also be sure to follow all of the instructions. By doing exactly what is recommended, there is little room for error.

Remove Skin Stains Immediately
If you do happen to get any of the hair dye on your skin, no worries – keeping old towels nearby, wipe off the hair dye from the skin, and using soap and water, the mess should wash away quickly.

Woman getting her hair colored in a salon.

Skin Patch Test
All at home hair dye kits may contain products which could trigger an allergic reaction in some women. The reaction may range in severity from mild, such as a skin rash, to severe – such as anaphylaxis. Although it is rare, it does happen – and it can be life-threatening. Avoid this from happening by completing a skin patch test 24 hours before actually undergoing the coloring treatment. Instructions on how to do this come in every box of hair dye, so be sure to get that done and out of the way before continuing – and even if you have used the same exact hair coloring dye in the past. Allergies tend to develop over a period of time, and by now, you could very well be allergic. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Protect Your Clothing
Anytime you are doing an at-home coloring kit, be sure to wear clothes you don’t care to ruin, and go the extra mile by protecting your clothes with a cape or old towel.

Woman wearing gloves and coloring heir hair.

Wear Gloves
Let’s be real: hair dye stains, and it can take forever to get the dye out of our skin. Who on earth wants to walk around with dyed fingers? We haven’t seen that as a beauty trend as of lately, so our intuition tells us nobody. Avoid finger staining by wearing the gloves provided in your kit, or opting for a professional pair of coloring gloves sold at nearly all beauty supply stores.

Woman applying vaseline

Use Vaseline around the Hairline
To avoid dripping of the hair color and staining of the skin around the hair, use a semi-thick layer of Vaseline around your forehead, ears, and neck to avoid this problem from occurring.

Don’t Fix Mess Ups Yourself
If you followed all of the instructions but somehow still managed to mess something up, never try to repair the problem yourself. Head to your local salon where an expert trained in this exact thing can help you to correct the problem and look your best.

Woman shampooing her hair while bathing

Don’t Wash Your Hair for 48 Hours
After coloring your hair at home, it is recommended not to wash the hair for the next 48 hours after coloring has been completed, to avoid washing the color out or fading the color. When you do wash your hair, opt for a color safe shampoo and conditioning product.

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