Hair Styles That Survive Winter Days

The winter days are quickly approaching and with that comes different weather conditions that we all need to start adapting to.  If you’re like many women, you sometimes feel like it’s impossible to create a hairstyle that works for the winter weather days.  But you know us, we found some great hairstyles that survive winter days AND will keep your hair looking gorgeous and trendy at the same time.  Seriously!  You can accomplish both, we promise.

woman braided updo tutorial

Braided Updos
Let’s face it, with windy conditions and/or rain and snow conditions wearing your hair down sometimes  feels like it would just leave your hair in a giant tangled mess.  One of our favorite go-to hairstyles for solving that problem is going with a braided updo.  Before you panic and think it has to be overly complicated…it doesn’t.  In fact, we’re all about creating a side French braid on top of your hair and leading that into a traditional ponytail.  It can be that simple!  But the great part is it will keep your bangs and shorter hair pieces out of your face if it’s windy or rainy/snowy and with your hair pulled back you won’t have to worry about it being too tangled.

The Half Up Hairstyle
If you want your hair pulled back for logistic reasons, but you don’t want to wear ALL of your hair up and back, the half up hairstyle is another favorite go to for the winter months.  The great part of half up hairstyles is again, you’re able to get the smaller, shorter pieces of hair away from your face so they don’t bother you but also give you somebody with your hair being worn down.  Of course, we can’t forget to mention that you have so many different ways that you can wear the half up hairstyle that you can rock a half up do in PLENTY of different ways that it wouldn’t feel like the same hairstyle.

woman with beanie

Top It Off
We couldn’t talk about winter hairstyles without mentioning the use of adding some accessories and other elements to your hair to make it winter approved but also keep you looking great.  Whether you want to add a hat (baseball or winter knit hat), knitted headband, or even  a regular headband…it’s a great way to fake a good hair day.  Adding different hair accessories to your hair allows you to not have to worry if it’s super windy, rainy or snowy.  Since the majority of your hair is covered in a hair accessory, it’s not going to be as exposed to the weather conditions as it does without these accessories.   Even just keeping it as simple as tying your hair back in a low ponytail braid, or just leaving your hair down and straight (or wavy), it will look like a more complex hairstyle because of the hair accessory but really it didn’t take you much time and you’re free to spend time outdoors in the winter months without worry about getting ruined.

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