Hair Contouring for Your Face Shape

Woman with ombre hair

You know all about face contouring using bronzers and highlighters to accentuate certain features and “reshape” your face. But did you know that you can do the same thing with your hair? The way your hair is cut and colored can also accentuate your best features if done correctly. Much like the right makeup techniques, hair contouring can also be utilized to accent certain features, thin the face, hide trouble areas and more!

You need to think about your face shape when making your hair contouring decisions. Here are a few tips for getting the best results for each face shape:

Round faces have a strong look, and usually fairly versatile look when it comes to hairstyles. Choose lighter tones around the hairline above the ear to brighten and elongate your face. Choose darker tones for the hair under the ears to give the chin more of a point.

Oval faces tend to look good with all kinds of hair styles and colors. If you have an oval face, consider yourself truly blessed! The best styles are those with rich color and texture. Oval face shapes are one of the more common shaped faces, so work with your hair stylist to experiment with combinations and find a style you love.

Square faces are wide and angular. Contouring should soften the face and add depth. You can accomplish this with varying layers of light and dark tones around the jawline and temples. Add some layers for more interest. Be careful when selecting certain cuts with a square shaped face. These extreme angles can be accentuated to look harder and harsher with severe bobs and blunt styles.

Heart-shaped faces are wider at the cheeks and reach a point at the chin, similar to a heart. You can create more balance for the face by including lighter tones around the ears and jawline. This will soften the chin and make it more balanced with the cheeks.

Coloring Tips
When considering a color to contour your face with, make sure you test out a few strands under the hair first! Especially when coloring at home, the end result does not always turn out the way the box portrays it to. If you have lighter hair, color tends to grab onto to the hair shaft easier and quicker – the opposite goes for dark hair, as going from dark to light generally takes longer and can often result in more “orangey” hues.

Look beyond simple makeup techniques to get your best look every day. Hair contouring can create a more “permanent” enhancement that you don’t have to redo every day. Work with your stylist to choose just the right colors and cut.

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