Edgy Prom Accessories

Woman getting ready for prom

Stereotypically, prom is often thought to be just for the girly-girls. The thing is, this high school ball is enjoyed by all girls, no matter what their style. Edgy girls will tell you that one of the most difficult parts about prom season is finding accessories that fit their taste for the big night.

Fortunately, we have put together a list for all the edgy gal’s who need some help finding the perfect prom accessories for their magical day – have a look:

Studded Platforms
A pair of studded platform heels are the ultimate edgy prom accessories! Regardless of the color or cut of your dance gown, the platform heel will help you stand with grace and poise, in addition the studs will give the impression that you are a BA girl that should not be messed with. Studded platform heels are available in a variety of heights and colors, and are made by tons of different brands.

Woman wearing a jacket

Pleather Jackets
When you walk back out to the limo with your date at the end of the night, chances are you will be pretty chilly. Of course, you could steal your date’s suit coat, or you could end the night in perfect edgy fashion by wearing a chic pleather jacket… we like the second idea much better.

Black Tennis Shoes
For the edgy girls who have no interest in pulling off heals, the next best edgy option is a pair of black tennis shoes. The most common shoes of this kind the classic converse, you can even take the edginess up a notch by going with the high-topped shoes.

Triangle Ear Jackets
Ear jackets are all the rage right now, and why not? They are beyond adorable and even versatile! Admittedly, the majority of ear jackets do have a peppier, Jackie Kennedy feel to them, however, if you spend some time looking around there are a few different edgy ear jacket options. Our favorite edgy ear jackets for prom season are the triangle/spike shaped ones. Chances are you will be able to find a matching triangle necklace.

Pleather Wrap Bracelets
Every girl needs a bracelet to wear opposite of her corsage, and the pleather wrap bracelets are the perfect edgy option! Often times you can find these wrap bracelets accented with gold and silver chains, colored pearls, zippers and studs. If you find one that you really love, chances are you can even ask your florist to use this bracelet to make your corsage!

Woman wearing a bracelet

Chain Bracelets
The layered accessory look is totally in, and what better way to rock it at prom then with an edgy twist? Look for a chain bracelet that is loaded with thin and chunky chains, giving the impression that you have tons and tons of bracelets on, when it is really only one. For an even edgier look opt for the bracelets that have the black colored chains, skulls or metal fringe.

Black Cosmetics
Okay, so cosmetics are not actually an accessory, but like accessories, cosmetics can totally make or break an outfit (in this case, your prom dress). For an edgy makeup look, there are plenty of options: heavy black mascara, an ultra dark smoky eye, sassy black lips, (and for those who want a darker look but do not necessarily want to go with back), dark red lips or even navy lips.

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