Dyeing Dark Hair Bold Colors

Bright and bold hair color

In the eternal quest for keeping current with fashionable flair, all things are not equal. Just by the very (somewhat limited) range of the different aspects of our appearance that are possible to redo, undo or transform, some are just easier and more expedient to accomplish than others. For instance, take the ever-pressing volume of all possible slimming and weight reduction methods employed by vast numbers of women and men, infinitely engaged in, yet often infinitely frustrating. Sadly, it still seems that, while there are some wonderful advancements finally being made to advance fashion forward appeal to the larger sizes, it’s not the norm. And each year, the majority of the latest must-have trend-destined designs (seen gracing the NYC fashion week runways) look absolutely fabulous on skinny-minis, but don’t typically convey so well, in real time, when seen clothing real bodies. When the rest of us meet them face-to-face in front of changing room mirrors, we are then prompted to respond mostly in one of two ways: We either place the garment in with the other “forgetaboutits,”  or we make it ours, and on the drive home, begin strategizing a new, “fitting” quick and easy-peasy size reduction campaign.–Which, BTW–well, has it worked for you, or anyone you know? Right.

Trending Fashion Options That Work for Everyone
Other equally difficult (some, even impossible) fashion statement remake efforts involve various forms of plastic surgery, and then, there are others we simply will never be able to change. such as our height, our body type and more. The good news is there are still many ways available for keeping current on all the latest fashion trends–and these are the ones we see going on all the time. No matter what those ugly numbers might have to say about any fashion-conscious woman on the scales or the measuring tape, she will always have e a wide open field, when accessorizing. Shoes, jewelry, scarves, belts, makeup effects, handbags, hats, hair accessories and styles make for a deliciously delightful adventure that’s relatively easy and capable of transforming ourselves, whenever we’re inspired to do so.

Colored Hair for Everyone
Hair effects have totally broken the mold, in every possible aspect! Particularly when it comes to the (thankfully) widely accepted colors and coloring methods we can give our hair, and show up anywhere, without being disdained, whispered about or overtly ostracized. Not that everyone is going all-out, with aggressively shocking colors and patterns, but anyone can if they choose to. And oddly, there are still quite a few women who believe the only hair that can be successfully colored are the light shades. While some of the following tips apply to conventional methods of suitable coloration for dark hair (still involving preparatory bleaching, for the new color to “take,”) there are also suggestions for a statement-making color change for your dark hair that will not only work, but will wash out when you are ready to move on:

  • Go Lighter: When selecting your permanent hair color, always pick a color that’s a shade or two lighter than you are going for. Hair dye always turns out darker than the shade depicted on the box.
  • Kool-Aid: Kool-Aid has been vividly colorizing hair for years. Either dip-dyed or applied to the whole head, it does not always come out right away. Pre-lightening darker hair is necessary. A non-bleach lightening can be accomplished by spritzing your hair with a mix of 50-50 lemon juice and water, and sitting out in the sun for 30 minutes. This process can be repeated, for a greater degree of lightening. Darker shades can be lightened by using a combination of room temperature distilled water, a dark-colored honey, virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.
  • Makeup for Color: Using your chosen color of eyeshadow, pop the cake out of its container, and press onto strands of hair, pulling down the entire length. Seal with hairspray.
  • Pure Color Pigment: Wear gloves for this one, and check out the application directions available in video format on YouTube. This gives you great color, but it’s the most temporary method of all. Try Maybelline’s Eye Studio Color Tattoo, and Urban Decay sells a Primer Potion that helps their color product–UD Electric Pressed Palette–stick. Finish with UD’s makeup setting spray.

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