Different Ways to Wear Your Pony

The ponytail is a classic. It is the easiest way to style your hair when you’re in a rush, when you are looking for something casual, or when you just don’t feel like spending an hour blowing out and styling your hair. An elegant pony can even be used for formal looks. These are a few ways you can dress up the pony to get the casual look you want with a bit more style:

Woman with ponytail holding a hand bag.

Vintage Pony
Section off the crown of your hair and pull the rest back into a standard pony. Back comb the sectioned hair to get some volume then pull the hair back toward the pony. Smooth out the top with a light combing, and then add the teased hair to the rest of the pony with a second hair tie. Curl the ends of the hair for a finished look. Trick of the trade: take a ¼ inch strand of hair that is already in the ponytail holder, wrap it around the ponytail band a few times and secure it underneath the ponytail with a booby pin. Spray for a little extra hold – this not only completes the look, but gives it a professional, more finished appearance too!

Knotted Pony
Pull your hair to the base of your head, and divide it into two sections. Now use these sections like ropes to tie them into a knot. Tie them a second time for security then pin the hair to stay in place. You can pull out a few pieces of hair for a more messy look, or you can leave it as is.

Woman with braided pony

Braided Pony
Not all braids are for kid styles anymore! Grown-ups have adopted these child-like looks as their own and they are becoming more acceptable in the workplace. Section off hair on one side of your crown. Pull the rest of your hair into a traditional pony. Pull the hair from the crown to the side and braid it like a traditional braid or a French braid. Braid the hair all the way to the end and wrap the braid around the pony tail. Pin it in place.

Ponytail Bow
THIS has become one of the hottest hair trends of 2015! You’ll need long hair for this one. Pull your hair into a regular pony. Grab two small sections of hair from the side of the pony and use them like strands of rope to tie into a bow on top of the pony. Pin it in place. You’ll have a feminine pony with a little twist.

What other ways do you like to dress up a standard pony? Try out some of these styles for a new look.

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