Creating Full, Bouncy Curls

Creating full, bouncy curls isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve.  But with the holiday season in full swing, we know that you’re likely ready to get your curls much bouncier and fuller for certain events.  Of course, if you’re like us you want to create full, bouncy waves ALL year round.  We’re sharing some of our favorite tips on how to create bouncy curls – the good news is it’s NOT as difficult as you probably think it is.  You know we’re all about keeping things as easy as possible when it comes to beauty routines and tips.

Blow Dry Your Hair Properly
Blow drying your hair isn’t just about drying your hair, especially when it comes to creating full, bouncy curls.  To really get those bouncy curls you want, it first starts with the way you blow dry your hair.  Using a round brush to blow dry your hair is going to help set your hair up to have more volume in it right off the bat.  Experts suggest sectioning your hair off into sections while drying it so that you have more control over your hair and dry ALL of your hair much better.  This also makes it much easier to give yourself that professional blow dry type of dry.  Take your time with it and use the brush to your benefit.

Make Sure You Have The Right Products
Using the right hair care products is another must when it comes to creating full, bouncy curls.  You’re going to want to try using products that aren’t too heavy – as they tend to weigh your hair down and prevent you from getting that bouncy you want.  Instead, look for products that are lightweight but also aim to emphasize more volume.  Look for using products that are specifically formulated to add volume into your hair.

Put The Curling Iron Down
You’ve probably been working to get the curly hair styles you want by using a curling iron, and while we love curling irons just as much as anyone there’s actually a better option when it comes to creating those full, bouncy curls we’re looking for.  Wondering what it is?  Hot rollers!  We know, you probably haven’t used hot rollers in quite some time,but they’re actually pretty phenomenal at getting those bouncy curls in a much better way than curling irons tend to.  To get the full, bouncy curls you’re going to want to use hot rollers that are bigger (nothing too small as you’ll then get tighter curls).  Opt for big rollers, and experts suggest mixing in a couple different sizes throughout your hair to get a more natural curled look.  Let the rollers stay in your hair the proper amount of time, once the curls have set take the rollers out, run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up a bit  and spritz your hair with a volumizing hair spray to set the curls.

Not as difficult as you thought, is it?  Will you be trying out these tips?

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