Color Perfect: Hair Colors for the Holidays

While you’re putting together the best holiday outfits, why not make some changes to the rest of your look, as well? A new hair color can be like the gift you give yourself that will last all season long. You may just like to have the new color for the winter, or you may decide that you’ve found your perfect new do.

Here are a few of the hottest hair color trends you might want to try out for the holidays:

Ronze hair color.

No, that’s not a typo. Ronze is a hot new creation that combines bronze, red and brunette tones to create a beautiful color that will brighten up any complexion during the dreary winter. Ronze will look great on anyone, but you need to tweak the shade to match your specific complexion.

Darker skin tones should opt for a deeper shade of ronze that has more prominent brunette tones. Choose golden ronze tones for medium complexions, and go for a brighter red shade for pale complexions. Not only will a ronze hair color brighten up your complexion, but if you have cool coloring, the ronze hair color will warm you up. Consult with your colorist to get the exact right shade.

Sombre hair

Remember when ombre was all the rage? Maybe you didn’t want to try it because you didn’t like the harsh lines that the style created, making the look too disconnected for your taste. You may want to give sombre a try.

Sombre is like ombre, but the gradient is much more subtle — thus the name, which stands for “subtle ombre.” The gradient is very gradual, going from dark to light in a way that looks natural.

Bronde hair color

This season’s hair color trends are all about combinations. Bronde is a combination of blonde and brunette hair, which creates a sandy, sun-kissed look. Just think of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Cara Delevingne to get an idea of how this looks. It’s a naturally beautiful style that will warm up your look for the winter. It’s also effortless to maintain.

Platinum hair color.

If you want to go full ice princess, get a dramatic look with platinum hair. Your icy white locks will be perfect for the season, and you’ll be channeling style icons like Gwen Stefani and even Marilyn Monroe. Who wouldn’t want to look like these beauties?

Platinum hair is harder to maintain since your roots will show up starkly against your hair in a matter of a couple of weeks. This is also a look you should not try yourself since you can quickly damage your hair with the bleach. Always go to a stylist to have the hair bleached, and ask for the right products to protect your hair.

Have fun with your look this holiday season. Try out one of these fresh new colors to get a new look and to brighten up your holidays. You may discover that the color creates your favorite look yet.

We would love to hear from you! Tell us about YOUR favorite hair colors for the holidays!

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