Galaxy Hair: Things to Consider

Galaxy hairstyle

The galaxy hair trend is taking over the internet.  Women are googly-eyed over the galaxy hair trend and dying to find out how to get their own hair to look like the pictures floating around.  Having hair with all these vibrant colors is a goal for so many girls, but what’s the process for achieving this look really like?  What does it take and what’s the upkeep?  Well, it’s not easy, but it’s possible!  So we’re rounding up a few of the key things to consider when considering going through the galaxy hair transition.

It’s Time-Consuming 
Due to the process involved in dying your hair and the different colors involved in creating the galaxy hairstyle, it’s not a quick process.  Some hairstylists suggest that the coloring process can take hours to achieve but when the outcome is the stunning galaxy hair… worth it?!  If you’ve seen the photos all over the internet, you may think it is!

It Requires Upkeep 
Just like the process isn’t quick, galaxy hair does require some strict upkeep.  Because the vibrant hues that are used to create galaxy hair are well, vibrant.  Fading is common and can happen quickly.  Sun, heat, etc. can result in color fading.  Since we can’t really avoid these factors completely, regular touchups are required to keep the colors looking their best.  Which can obviously start to add up as far as cost is concerned, but… have you seen the gorgeous colors?

Seek a Qualified Stylist
Since galaxy hair is not necessarily an easy look to achieve, you want to be sure that the stylist you go to is qualified.  Because of all the colors and techniques involved, it’s wise to seek an expert that specializes in color.  Often times there are colorists that just focus on that aspect of hair, and because they’re so familiar they can help ensure you get the outcome you desire.  Because you don’t want a galaxy-hair-gone-wrong dilemma – seek an expert.

Commitment Needed 
Due to the long process and consistent upkeep that’s necessary for the galaxy hair look, it’s important to make sure you’re committed to wanting this look.  It’s not typically a hair look you can be over in a few days and go back to something else (you can risk losing a great deal of your hair that way!).  So prior to heading to the salon make sure you’ve thoroughly thought over the look, the upkeep necessary, and choosing the colors that you won’t get tired of after just a couple of days.

Only you can decide whether the galaxy hairstyle is right for you, but one thing is certain – it’s out of this world (pun intended).  It’s a true statement maker hairstyle that will give you serious Instagram-worthy locks.  Based on what you now know about the process, the maintenance, and necessities to achieving galaxy hair, will you be adapting the galaxy hair trend to your hairstyle anytime soon?  We’d love to hear why or why not!

Flower Power

Woman with floral hair

This article has been guest written by Alecka Camp. Ms. Camp is currently preparing for her graduate school education, and loves to spend her free time blogging about the latest trends health and beauty trends. As the daughter of a florist, she is uniquely qualified to say a thing or two about the immensely popular flower power trend. 

Growing up as a daughter of a florist, I once spend the majority of my days admiring flora, experiencing — with all my five senses — everything that baby buds and bountiful blossoms had to offer.

That’s right, all five senses. Every so often, I will come across a beautiful arrangement, — one that looks like something my mom would have put together — and my mind floods with floral memories. I’ll remember natural fragrance (1) that perfumed all the rooms in my childhood home; I recall watching (2) my mom laying out flowers of every kind and putting together the most beautiful arrangements; I think back to when I would reach out to feel (3) the smooth and delicate petals of a rose, and often times I would quietly snicker when my friends (whose mothers didn’t play with plants for a living) would reach for the same rose, only to jump back, when I would  (4) them say “ouch!” after encountering the prickers of the long stem. Finally, it is no secret that you can find me every summer Sunday morning, making a fresh batch of my all time childhood favorite breakfast, pansy petal pancakes, yumm (5) !

As a daughter of a florist, I too wanted to take part in the plant play; more times than not, I would leave the house with a flower strategically placed in my hair or tucked behind my ear. By high school, the floral trend was on the decline. Today, however, I am more than pleased that floral patterns and accessories, are nonetheless, flourishing in the fashion scene.

Floral hair accessories

In Full Bloom
Today, girls you and old are sporting daisy patterned leggings and floral-printed blouses in the masses. However, the flower trend does not end there. More and more people are reverting to Mother Nature’s accessories, and wearing flowers in their hair. For those of you who are new to the fabulous flower trend, and even for those of you who are already obsessed with all things petal-y keep reading for new ideas of how you can incorporate flowers into your hair.

  • A baby’s breath bobby pin – not only are these classy, but they are also super easy to make on a moments notice. All you need is a sprig of baby’s breath (the size is ultimately up to you), a hot glue gun and some scissors. What you’re going to do is cut the stalk of the baby’s breath to measure at least as long as your bobby pin. When the glue is ready, go ahead and put a layer along the straight side of the bobby pin, and press the baby’s breath against it. Once it drys, you have yourself a chic, straight from the garden hair accessory.
  • Decorated halo – if one flower accessory isn’t enough for you, or you are just looking for something else, how about highlighting your hair with a few flowers? This is super simple, not to mention perfect for wedding season. With this style, you can start one of two ways: (1) you can create a loose waterfall braid, (2) you can create two separate braids, one on either side, starting near your temples , and have them meet in the back. Next, grab bunches of your favorite flowers (as long as it isn’t too big) and wiggle the stems into the overlapping pieces of your braid. It may be helpful to watch a video or two, so you have a better idea of the placement.

Steps to Fuller Hair

What does the girl who has everything, but who has thin hair want? Fuller, thicker hair that looks as though it belongs on a hair model, of course. Some people are born with it, but others aren’t as blessed. For those, Lionesse has come up with a solution to help you: our helpful, intuitive guide to fuller hair, will help you to achieve the look you desire without doing much to change your normal every day routine. Simple and easy, and we know you like it that way.

Woman washing her hair in a natural background.

Wash Your Hair the Right Way
Opt for quality shampoo products from high end brands that are free of phthalates, sulfates, and color. Opting for a clear shampoo will most likely ensure you aren’t simply infusing your hair with moisture, which will weigh the hair down rather than help to plump it up. Also, washing your hair twice rather than once will ensure a clean, manageable, soft feel that feels fuller and is easily able to be styled properly. When you’re able, choose shampoos that are made for adding volume to the hair.

Woman getting a hair treatment at a salon.

Styling Makes all the Difference
If you want to add style, shine and volume, opt for a hair dryer and a round brush and begin drying the hair at the roots, adding lots of volume. If you would rather have a tousled, messy look, add a diffuser to the blow dryer and use your fingers, some texturizer or volume inducing mousse, and go to town tousling the hair with the product, and drying the hair upside down to achieve extra body.

Hair dresser washing a woman's hair in a salon.

Wash Your Hair Regularly – And Dry Shampoo
If you have oily hair, chances are you will need to wash and style your hair frequently, no matter what the look you are trying to go for is. For those who don’t typically have oily hair, you will need to wash your hair 1-2 times per week to keep the hair from looking weighed down by natural oils. For a quick pick-me-up between washes, use some dry shampoo or even baby powder, apply it to both of your hands, and rub it through the roots of the hair, tousling it with your fingers, giving you body, volume, and texture all at once.

Woman getting her hair highlighted at a salon.

Get Highlights
The bleach used in the hair to highlight specific sections actually cause the hair strands to double in size and swell – actually creating more body and volume. This is a great option for those looking for a new style, who have thin hair. It isn’t recommended to bleach all of the hair as this causes untold amounts of damage to the hair and scalp, however highlights are worth the risk if you want a new look with more volume.

Have a Glossing Procedure Done
Heading out to the salon to have a gloss or glazing procedure done not only gives the hair shine, but also causes the hair’s follicles to double in diameter – leaving behind luscious, thicker looking strands of hair, increasing body, and giving you a brilliant shine.

Lionesse Hair Dyeing Trends

There are many trends in the fashion world that are forever changing and evolving. When it comes to hair trends, they tend to stick around a while longer than fashion itself. In 2014, some of the most sought after hairstyles and hair coloring techniques are basically just new spins off of old styles. Creativity is never lacking when it comes to new and emerging hair dyeing techniques and trends. Let’s talk about some of the current hair dying trends, and what they look like.

Ombre hair in curls, back view

Ombre Effect
If you haven’t heard of the Ombre hair dyeing trend, you must be living under a rock. The Ombre hair style is one of the coolest trends on the market right now, which is why we chose it as number one to discuss. It is extremely versatile, and creates an entirely new look for the consumer, while introducing minimal chemicals to the hair as only the tips of the hair are dyed, thus eliminating absorption of the hair dye through the pores on the scalp. This method is huge in pop culture right now, and is popular among teenage girls and young women in their 20’s and even 30’s.

The Ombre hair style can be used to produce any color the consumer wants – from blond, to black, to pink, blue and any other color you can think of. The hair is divided into sections, and is then dyed according to the customer’s specifications on color, and how high they want their ombre. Most women choose to have theirs start around 3-4 inches from the tip of the hair, but this can vary. It usually takes about an hour and a half to two hours to complete the process, but this can vary. Once it’s finished, the Ombre effect looks fantastic, and lasts for a long while to come. This style is very low maintenance. The more it fades, the cooler it looks!

Woman with straight platinum blond hair

Platinum blonde hair has long been a favorite among women looking for something classy, sexy, and shocking. Even in 2014, you see it absolutely everywhere. It seems to be more popular on the West Coast of the USA than anywhere else in the country. Platinum is about as white as you can go in terms of using bleach, however it looks golden as opposed to white. It really is a very cool style; however it can greatly damage your hair due to the bleach usage, and also requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. If you are willing to go to the salon every few weeks to a month and have your roots done, and be re-treated, you will more than likely love this style.

Platinum blonde hair comes from the process of bleaching the hair. Platinum hair typically looks better on those with darker or tanned skin, as it makes those with lighter skin look washed out. Use discretion when opting for something like platinum when you have a completely different hair color, as it can be quite a shock to your system when you see it. When women have this style done, they typically love it right away, or hate it. Be absolutely certain you want to live with the results and that you feel it would look good on you before making the decision to have it done. Remember: just because something looks good to you, doesn’t mean it will look good on you.

Woman with shoulder length blond hair with balayage highlights

Balayage is the process of instilling the most natural looking highlights onto one’s hair. Instead of using foils as is typically done with most highlighting processes, Balayage is done by using a rubber paddle and gives the stylist more freedom to move around and place the highlights wherever she/he wants to put them without imposing too much of a controlled environment on where the highlights go. There are typically more highlights throughout the hair as a result, and it looks extremely natural. Typically more natural looking blonde hues are used in this process.

Balayage has been around since the 1980’s, but is just now in 2014 gaining more popularity than ever before. Many celebrities wear this style, as do many regular women just like you. There are stylists who specialize in this type of style and look, and it’s always best to go to someone who has the experience to give you exactly what you’re looking – and paying – for.

Young woman with beautiful cascading brown hair


The timeless and classic Brunette look is back with a vengeance. Women who used to hate their brown hair are now embracing it, opting to color their hair with a richer, warmer brown tone like a chestnut brown hue. It looks classy, accentuates certain eye colors such as hazel or green, and is acceptable anywhere you may happen to work, whereas some other styles may not be.

There are many brunettes who choose to even incorporate some copper toned highlights in their hair to give it something extra, but many are opting to just go with an au natural coloration.

Kendall Jenner with dip dyed hair

Dip Dyed Hair

Dip dyed hair is much like the ombre effect, but instead of the fading look, dip dyed hair is just that – literally dipped into the hair color and not faded to blend at all. Women and men alike are opting for this style in 2014, and it’s not just for the teens! Adults are loving the look as well.

There are many colors in which someone might choose when they opt for dip dyeing methods, but usually the colors are eccentric – hues such as pink, blue, green, purple and other flamboyant, bright colors are used.

Christina Aguilera with kool aide hair

Kool Aid Hair Dye

Popular among teens and those who do not want the harsh chemicals of processed hair dye, Kool Aid hair dye is a DIY type of project which can be done at home, and takes about 30 minutes. Using the dip dye method, Kool Aid dyes the tips of your hair in 30 minutes or less, and leaves a result which can vary in duration of results. What this means is, someone who has light hair such as blonde may dye their hair with great results that will last with any color. Someone with darker hair may need to stick to certain colors, such as cherry or fruit punch flavors to ensure some of the color is applied, and therefore the results will not be as prominent or last as long. This is a safe alternative, and a fun one at that, to typical hair dye. It could be a fun experiment to do with friends with results which may or may not last for a long time.


Whatever method you decide to use for your hair, what’s important is whether or not you love it. Hair can always be modified and can always grow out or be changed or even cut, so don’t worry too much if you aren’t in love with the style you choose. Be sure you love the idea going into it, though, and you aren’t just doing it to fit in, be cool, or look like ‘everyone else’. Be yourself, and choose colors or trends that suit you, and you will be satisfied with the results in the end.