Edgy Prom Accessories

Woman getting ready for prom

Stereotypically, prom is often thought to be just for the girly-girls. The thing is, this high school ball is enjoyed by all girls, no matter what their style. Edgy girls will tell you that one of the most difficult parts about prom season is finding accessories that fit their taste for the big night.

Fortunately, we have put together a list for all the edgy gal’s who need some help finding the perfect prom accessories for their magical day – have a look:

Studded Platforms
A pair of studded platform heels are the ultimate edgy prom accessories! Regardless of the color or cut of your dance gown, the platform heel will help you stand with grace and poise, in addition the studs will give the impression that you are a BA girl that should not be messed with. Studded platform heels are available in a variety of heights and colors, and are made by tons of different brands.

Woman wearing a jacket

Pleather Jackets
When you walk back out to the limo with your date at the end of the night, chances are you will be pretty chilly. Of course, you could steal your date’s suit coat, or you could end the night in perfect edgy fashion by wearing a chic pleather jacket… we like the second idea much better.

Black Tennis Shoes
For the edgy girls who have no interest in pulling off heals, the next best edgy option is a pair of black tennis shoes. The most common shoes of this kind the classic converse, you can even take the edginess up a notch by going with the high-topped shoes.

Triangle Ear Jackets
Ear jackets are all the rage right now, and why not? They are beyond adorable and even versatile! Admittedly, the majority of ear jackets do have a peppier, Jackie Kennedy feel to them, however, if you spend some time looking around there are a few different edgy ear jacket options. Our favorite edgy ear jackets for prom season are the triangle/spike shaped ones. Chances are you will be able to find a matching triangle necklace.

Pleather Wrap Bracelets
Every girl needs a bracelet to wear opposite of her corsage, and the pleather wrap bracelets are the perfect edgy option! Often times you can find these wrap bracelets accented with gold and silver chains, colored pearls, zippers and studs. If you find one that you really love, chances are you can even ask your florist to use this bracelet to make your corsage!

Woman wearing a bracelet

Chain Bracelets
The layered accessory look is totally in, and what better way to rock it at prom then with an edgy twist? Look for a chain bracelet that is loaded with thin and chunky chains, giving the impression that you have tons and tons of bracelets on, when it is really only one. For an even edgier look opt for the bracelets that have the black colored chains, skulls or metal fringe.

Black Cosmetics
Okay, so cosmetics are not actually an accessory, but like accessories, cosmetics can totally make or break an outfit (in this case, your prom dress). For an edgy makeup look, there are plenty of options: heavy black mascara, an ultra dark smoky eye, sassy black lips, (and for those who want a darker look but do not necessarily want to go with back), dark red lips or even navy lips.

Flower Power

Woman with floral hair

This article has been guest written by Alecka Camp. Ms. Camp is currently preparing for her graduate school education, and loves to spend her free time blogging about the latest trends health and beauty trends. As the daughter of a florist, she is uniquely qualified to say a thing or two about the immensely popular flower power trend. 

Growing up as a daughter of a florist, I once spend the majority of my days admiring flora, experiencing — with all my five senses — everything that baby buds and bountiful blossoms had to offer.

That’s right, all five senses. Every so often, I will come across a beautiful arrangement, — one that looks like something my mom would have put together — and my mind floods with floral memories. I’ll remember natural fragrance (1) that perfumed all the rooms in my childhood home; I recall watching (2) my mom laying out flowers of every kind and putting together the most beautiful arrangements; I think back to when I would reach out to feel (3) the smooth and delicate petals of a rose, and often times I would quietly snicker when my friends (whose mothers didn’t play with plants for a living) would reach for the same rose, only to jump back, when I would  (4) them say “ouch!” after encountering the prickers of the long stem. Finally, it is no secret that you can find me every summer Sunday morning, making a fresh batch of my all time childhood favorite breakfast, pansy petal pancakes, yumm (5) !

As a daughter of a florist, I too wanted to take part in the plant play; more times than not, I would leave the house with a flower strategically placed in my hair or tucked behind my ear. By high school, the floral trend was on the decline. Today, however, I am more than pleased that floral patterns and accessories, are nonetheless, flourishing in the fashion scene.

Floral hair accessories

In Full Bloom
Today, girls you and old are sporting daisy patterned leggings and floral-printed blouses in the masses. However, the flower trend does not end there. More and more people are reverting to Mother Nature’s accessories, and wearing flowers in their hair. For those of you who are new to the fabulous flower trend, and even for those of you who are already obsessed with all things petal-y keep reading for new ideas of how you can incorporate flowers into your hair.

  • A baby’s breath bobby pin – not only are these classy, but they are also super easy to make on a moments notice. All you need is a sprig of baby’s breath (the size is ultimately up to you), a hot glue gun and some scissors. What you’re going to do is cut the stalk of the baby’s breath to measure at least as long as your bobby pin. When the glue is ready, go ahead and put a layer along the straight side of the bobby pin, and press the baby’s breath against it. Once it drys, you have yourself a chic, straight from the garden hair accessory.
  • Decorated halo – if one flower accessory isn’t enough for you, or you are just looking for something else, how about highlighting your hair with a few flowers? This is super simple, not to mention perfect for wedding season. With this style, you can start one of two ways: (1) you can create a loose waterfall braid, (2) you can create two separate braids, one on either side, starting near your temples , and have them meet in the back. Next, grab bunches of your favorite flowers (as long as it isn’t too big) and wiggle the stems into the overlapping pieces of your braid. It may be helpful to watch a video or two, so you have a better idea of the placement.

Trending Hair Colors for Spring

What’s trending now?

Let’s be honest, ladies, can you think of a single time when there was a dull moment in the world of hairstyle and hair color trends? Do not worry, we cannot seem to come up with one either. The trends of the past year held their popularity through this year’s winter months, but spring is right around the corner. This means your favorite actresses, models, and musicians that double as your style inspiration, will soon be displaying the latest and greatest hair color trends – in fact, many and them already are!

So, whether you are looking for a completely new ‘do, or a modest change to your mane, the 2016 spring color trends are exquisite and pro-approved. Check out the list bellow, and brace yourself because there has certainly been a change in hue. Although the hair color trends of last year were often bold and daring, the looks this year resonate a more natural vibe.

Looks you’ll love.

Purple dahlia hair color

Lionesse hair color trends

Here we have our top three favorite hair color trends for all the brunettes out there. The disclaimer for this one: they are all totally different!

Trend #1: Topaz, yes like the valued fall stone(s), and like the gem, the topaz hair color trend has presented itself in a few different tones, including rusted copper and golden bronze. The trend is gaining popularity for the multi-dimensional look it gives your hair. To get the look, your stylist will likely start with a chocolate brown followed by strategic accents of a copper-like color throughout the lower two thirds of your hair.

Trend #2: Ronze, a striking combo of red and bronzy tones, of course. Do you remember the Ronde trend of 2015? Ronze it its newer, more trendy spin off. If you request this look, your stylist will give you a deep copper and warm coffee shade.

Trend #3: Purple Dahlia, yes, you read that correctly. This classy hair color trend is a fusion made of violet, red, and brown.

Shades that amaze.

Now that you have read about some of the amazing hair color trends for brunettes, feast your eyes on these three darling hair color trends for blondes. Have a look:

Trend #1: Strawberries and Champagne, in a word: amazing. This sweet hair color trend is just about as decadent as the sweet drink. Your hairdresser will style your hair with a mix of campaign blonde and strawberry blonde, giving you a gold and red look.

Trend #2: Crystal Ash. Imagine tons of precious stones were throne in a fire and you came upon the ashes; this is trending hair color makes the color of that ash stunning. To get the look, your stylist will lift already-blonde hair to an even lighter, pale blonde incorporating an ash base.

Getting hair dyed to a trending color

Pastels to please.

Just because the trending hair colors for spring do have a dull, yet delightful pallet, that does not mean that pastels have lost all popularity. The pretty color trend is sticking around, the only difference is that this spring they will be created in a more subtle manner.

Trend #1: Serenity, and if the first thing that popped into your mind was the beach, then you are in the right mindset. A color for all those aqua lovers, this trend is made to look like a powder blue-ish lavender.

Trend #2: Rose Quartz, a color tend that is just as beautiful as the “love stone” itself. This trend mixes dulled pink and pale blonde for the more precious pastel look.

Cher, Madonna, Patti

Avant Garde 

By definition, Avant Garde is a new idea that is particularly unusual or experimental, specifically in the realm of the arts.

Avant Garde hair is often worn by top models in editorial photo shoots or down the runway, and by celebrities walking the red carpet. No matter who is sporting an Avant Garde hairdo, it is a wild way to make a statement. These ‘do’s can be anything from 50’s inspired braided headbands with flowers placed throughout oil ridden tresses, to blunt edge cuts, to more outrageous and unconventional three-dimensional shapes. No matter what end of the spectrum, avant-garde hairstyles are most often used to further enhance fashion.

Patti, Madonna, Cher

Legendary Inspiration
Three – dare we say legendary – icons of the 80’s, Cher, Madonna, and Patti have all rocked Avant Garde hairstyles at one point or another.

In her prime, Cher had a style, unlike anyone before her. Known to wear crazy hairdo’s and headdresses, is should not come to a surprise that Lady Gaga’s style is often compared to Cher’s. It is true, some may have found the star’s looks to be gaudy and maybe even frightening at that time, but the fact of the matter is that her looks were liberating. Cher used her Avant Garde style as an inspiration – she led the way for generations of strong, independent women.

Hopefully, you are not too naive to believe that ombre hair is something totally new, because back in her day, Madonna was one of the first to sport the look of multi-colored locks. Do you remember her pink and yellow hair of the early 80’s? What about her bold bleached streak? Both of these ‘do’s were also some of the initial Avant Garde hairstyles that still continue to inspire young women today.

How could one possibly forget Miss Patti Labelle’s hair? Whether it was ultra thin geometric shapes, high rising spikes or extreme asymmetrical cuts Patti is a classic exemplar of 80’s Avant Garde.

Avant garde hairstyles

Your Turn
So now you have been inspired; while chances are you are not quite ready to use a whole can of hairspray for one look, you may be ready to try out an Avant Garde hairstyle the next time you get the chance. Check out some of the Avant Garde inspired looks described bellow and give them a try!

  • Slicked back hair: For this look, leave your hair down, but while it’s wet take some of your hubby’s gel and slick it back. That’s all, you’re ready to hit the town!
  • Accessorize, not just your body but your bun too:  Start with an over teased bun, and be sure to secure it with a high-quality hair spray. Then, accessorize by adding anything and everything from ribbon to flashy jewels to flowers.
  • Triple threat: For this, separate your hair into three ponytails, either vertically or horizontally (depending what you want the end style to look like). Then take three smaller sized sock-bun pieces and make each ponytail into a sock-bun. This one is both simple and stunning.

Hats, Headscarves and Neckerchiefs

All winter long, you’ve probably been bundling up with scarves and hats to keep warm during the big chill. But now that the weather is rounding the corner toward warmer days, you may think that you’ll soon have to hang up your headwear. Not so. You can still wear hats and scarves throughout the spring and even the summer, depending on the material and the way you wear them. Here are some of the hottest trends in hats, headscarves and neckerchiefs for the next season that you may want to try:

Woman wearing a skinny scarf

Skinny Scarves
Long, skinny scarves are a fresh update on classic neckerchiefs, which have a slightly retro feel. Tie the scarf around your neck like you would a neckerchief, and let the tails hang down. Choose an extra long scarf to wear with a maxi dress or pant-suit for an on-trend look. Shorter scarves pair best with cocktail dresses.

Woman wearing an oversized neckerchief.

Oversized Neckerchiefs
You can also opt to go big or go home. Oversized neckerchiefs are also on trend right now, all colors, textures and patterns. Choose a huge neckerchief to tie into a bow with a cute top and skirt. It will be an updated take on a retro style. Tie the bow tight or leave it hanging loose – this look is just coming into its own! This style looks great with a dress or skirt, but it can also be chic with a silk blouse and a pair of trousers or jeans.

Woman wearing colorful headband

Colorful Head Scarves
You aren’t limited to wearing scarves around your neck. Head scarves are on trend right now also. Roll up the scarf into a skinny band and tie it around your head near the crown. Tie it in a knot with loose ends at the top of your head for a Rosie the Riveter look, or knot it under your pony at the back for a more classic look. Head scarves are ideal when you want to create a retro look, but you can glam them up for a punk or rockabilly edge. Have fun with the different tying styles, colors and patterns to create a look that is all your own.

Woman wearing a bucket hat

Bucket Hats
Bucket hats were big in the 90s — think Jennifer Aniston a la Friends. But they are back in a big way. You can wear bucket hats with casual looks, such as with a pair of boyfriend jeans or cargo pants and a slouchy shirt. However, you can also wear a bucket hat with a flowing dress or skirt. Choose hats in solid colors or in romantic, floral prints. Leave your hair loose under the hat to create a boho-chic look.

You may have to put away your chunky knits and woolen hats as the cooler temperatures begin to warm, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your scarf and hat fashions. Try out one of these on-trend looks with your spring and summer wardrobe for a funky and fresh style. You can pick up some vintage finds that will be right in fashion now.

Rita Hayworth: The Original Redheaded Lady

Rita Hayworth

kate gabrielle/ flickr.com

For one shining moment in the fabric of time, the very lovely Rita Hayworth came the closest anyone in America had ever come to truly living the Cinderella dream that thrived within every little girl’s heart of hearts.

Her Latino Origins
The world knew her by her stage name–a quite common practice for the Hollywood times, but her family first knew her as Margarita Carmen Cansino. Born and raised in Brooklyn till 8 years of age when her family relocated to Hollywood, her parents were both career dancers, and her grandfather, a celebrated Spanish dancer began teaching her to dance when she was 3 years old. With the depression, Hayworth’s father could no longer exist on providing dance instruction to Hollywood stars, and he came up with a father-daughter act that would become a stellar success. As “The Dancing Cansinos,” they performed in nightclubs, and at a Tijuana nightclub, a Fox Studios talent scout was prompted to sign her–as Rita Consuelo–to a six-month contract. The arrangement proved to be nothing beyond a flash in the pan, and at the end of the six months, she was let go.

Marriage, and the “Rita-Rebirth”
At 18 years of age, she eloped with Edward Judson, an older man who became her agent, finding a succession of bit parts eventually leading to a 1937 screen test with Columbia Pictures, where she was typecast in a succession of small roles as an exotic, Latina dancer. Someone at Columbia saw potential that, with some strategic de-Latinization, gave Hayworth-then-Cansino an entirely new image. Her widow’s peak was removed by electrolysis and her black Latino hair was dyed flaming red. Thus, Rita Hayworth was born. And in a totally unprecedented and “un-Hollywood style” move, Columbia–rather than attempting to cover up the transformation–actually made sure the world knew about it. Columbia Pictures collaborated with a variety of publicity sources and periodicals, sharing details of her metamorphosis, including dieting, receiving voice lessons, her hair color change, acting instruction and from that point on, she was never seen in public again without being glamorously dressed, made up and hair perfectly done, from head to toe.

Hollywood Hayworth
Hayworth became the one and only all-glamor girl of the age, appearing on the covers of Time and Life magazines, and as the top WWII pinup girl. She left her abusive husband who had spent all of her money and married (the then, more average-sized and tolerable) Orson Welles, with whom she had a daughter. It seemed to the public that the couple was doing the whole “happily ever after” bit until 1947, when Welles directed and costarred with wife Hayworth in The Lady of Shanghai, in a move he seemed to make with no other intent but to “shanghai” Hayworth of everything contributing to her success. He cut off her gorgeously curled auburn hair, had it dyed stale blonde and ensured that the film removed her most lauded skills–dancing diva with bounce and fluid movement. These qualities were the very reasons compelling audiences to flock in huge droves to everything Rita Hayworth, whether in motion pictures or print. He tried to ruin her.

Next Chapter
She left the cad, citing that she could not live any longer with his genius, and next came Prince Aly Khan (reputed to be “one of the world’s greatest lovers,”) whose father ruled the “world’s Ismaili Muslims” and was enmeshed in opulence in every direction. Still legally married to the mother of his two sons, but separated, he and Hayworth instantly began a tumultuous love affair. This was a time when Hayworth’s involvement with a still-married man–while she was still married herself was scandalous behavior, but before the love affair was able to pick up ruinous steam, the two became legally divorced, free to remarry and were consequently wed. Now Princess by marriage, the baby girl Yasmin, born to the new couple–7 months after the wedding–hmmm–was a born royal. Prince Aly did it with her, and he eventually did it to her, this time with American actress Joan Fontaine, prompting Hayworth  to divorce him.

And More…
Hayworth went on to marry two more times, to men who were parasitic failures, forcing her to live a life of abject poverty and regret. It began to become obvious that Alzheimer’s had claimed the beloved Hayworth, who was relegated to the care of  her Princess daughter and lived out the rest of her days across from Central Park West. She was once asked how it felt to have everything, to which she replied, “I haven’t had everything from life–I’ve had too much.” We loved ya, Margarita-Rita.

Hot Celeb Hairstyles to Steal: Short Bobs

Surely the hottest cut of the year, of the season, and of the celebs, the bob makes a comeback, and this time, it rocks, like never before, mostly from a whole new take on women’s hair in general. We’ve substantially loosened our corsets, shoelaces and matronly buns, and what resultingly emerges is a fabulously sexy, flirty, wild-child hairstyle which is so chic that if it came in a box, it would be flying off the store shelves–but since it’s not, all that can be said to describe its hotness is that all the celebs are rushing to their hairstylists to get this look. And a great aspect of the new bob is that there’s not just one way of cutting it, drying it, styling it, and even creating up or half-updos with it. Pretty exciting, huh?

Shop Before You Chop
So, you’re contemplating going for a makeover type of haircut and you may have already narrowed it down to getting a bob. There are details to know, before you “shop for a chop,” and before you get that “bob job.” You wanna make sure that the cut and details fit your form, flattering your best facial qualities and downplaying the rest, check out what the celebs choosing:

Alexa Chung
From her key position in the world of fashion, Alexa went for a wavy bob, cropped a few inches above her shoulders, which she alternates parting, from the center to a deep side part. Edgy and chic.

Jessica Alba bob hairstyle

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Jessica Alba
Jessica opted for a demure, sultry bob that is silky straight, all the way down to her slight underturned ends. Smooth and highly polished do will transition from day to night simply.

Jodie Foster
Jodie’s blonde bob is shorter, blunt cut with its longest part hitting just below her chin. Straight, sleek and stylish – she’s never not been!

Rose Byrne
Rose sports a nice thick crop of bangs to complement her just above the shoulders bob, adding a special measure of sophistication. She creates her signature elegance by keeping it simple, with a perfect side part and a smooth blowout.

Diane Keaton
Diane chose a bit of shag to surround her face, which draws nice attention to her two-toned colored hair. The shaggy layers point to her lovely cheekbones.

Reese Witherspoon bob hairstyle

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Reese Witherspoon
A bob gives Reese a fabulous spark, especially with her gorgeously blonde tresses. This one is superb for her naturally straight hair, as a sharp, blunt cut, swept to the side, with a few funky, free-form layers near her face.

Jessica Chastain
Leading Hollywood beauty Jessica Chastain has managed to even more beautify herself, with her ideal length bob, being long–due to that graceful, long neck of hers, but not touching her ivory shoulders. Mostly smooth tresses fall into some random and loosely formed waves.

Popular 50s Hairstyles

It was a thrilling time to be alive–a return to restore families and life as usual to Americans, right after WWII, when prosperity was being returned and once again there was such a thing as “disposable income.” Many women, just like today, styled their hair to copy styles they had seen on the big screen, where beauty was big business those days. With a wave of films made in Italy and with great screen stars like Sophia Loren, there was a strong Italian influence on hair styles. And as TV became more widely available, the star influence flourished even more. While the trend was to style hair to look more natural, for many women that actually meant using a lot of products and efforts like perms and coloring. And they were called “hairdos, rather than hairstyles, encompassing every length imaginable, but there were more short styles than at any time before. What follows are some of the most sought after styles of the decade:

Woman with retro hairstyle.

Italian Influenced Hair
It was those gorgeous stars of Italian movies whom left American women undergoing major transformations to emulate big name stars like Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida whose trademark hairstyles were short, fluffy and wavy, with shaggy ends. Larger hoop earrings and bigger chunky necklaces were paired with these styles with great impact. This was known as the Italian cut.

Shorter Styles
There was a wide variety of styles worn in the 50s, but shorter hair more or less came into prominence during the decade, with a couple of select styles typically featuring big waves and curls that were concentrated on the ends of the hair, with the hair proceeding from the crown being flat and straight. The curls or waves would tend to frame the face. Another couple of popular hairdos kind of predated the 60s afro, although the styles were sported by caucasian women. One was the bubble cut, featuring a bit looser curls, and the poodle cut had tighter ones.

Woman with short hair

Bobs and Pageboys
Bobs were the shorter versions of the two, and pageboys typically involved bangs. The hair had to be perfectly silky-straight, all the way down until it would loosely turn under, on the ends, as if naturally. Usually, “natural” didn’t have anything to do with it. There might be an occasional wave here or there, but only when purposefully articulated to look natural. A prime example was the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, whose pageboy turned under right at her jawline.

Longer Locks of the 50s
Still a good number of trendy 50s women, both in Hollywood and at “Small Town, USA” wore their hair longer. A huge trend among teens was the ponytail, typically worn with bangs worn straight. Short bangs were a thing more then than now, and generally, the younger the female, the higher the ponytail would be positioned. Many teens would secure their ponytail with a pretty scarf. Audrey Hepburn was certainly one of the most influential of Hollywood heads, and when she starred in Funny Face in 1957, her long ponytail surely inspired the trend that followed. Bouffants were the rage in the 50s, with its trademark volume and height. A whole lot of hair lacquer was necessary to pull this one off, and the style would last for days without washing. With this style, wearing hats was out, but sometimes accents were added directly, like feathers, bows and more.

Pixie cut.

Short 50s Hair
Audrey Hepburn made the “gamine,” or “elfin” look a 50s trend, which was also called the “pixie cut.” This cut was quite short and layered, and inspired many a fan to duplicate the look with a trademark high cut shaggy fringe.

All Our Crown Braid Secrets

The crown braid is reminiscent of the Greek goddess trend that we are embracing now. Pull some tendrils around the edges or braid the crown around a loose chignon and you’ve got a classic Greek look. Or you can wear the crown braid on its own for a cute feminine look or even an elegant updo. It’s all about the details. Here are a few popular crown braid looks you can try (with info about how to pull them off):

Headband braid.

Headband Braid
Instead of braiding your hair right next to the hairline, set it back a few inches to expose your bangs and some other framing pieces. If your hair is long enough, just start braiding the strand from just under one of the ears, and wrap the braid around your head to tuck under the nape of your neck. If your hair is shorter, braid two pieces starting from the nape of your neck and pull them to meet at your crown. Tuck them under and pin in place.

Chunky braid

Chunky Braid
For a classic look, try this chunk braid. Like the headband braid, you’ll start with two braids from the nape of your neck, but you’ll be using all of your hair for the braids, not just a small section. Create two chunky braids and wrap them around your head, right next to the hairline. Tuck the ends under and pin in place.

Classic crown braids.

The classic crown braid is basically a French braid that you run sideways along the hairline. You can either run the braid to the nape of the neck and tie it off, or you can continue the braid all the way around, using up all your hair. Just tuck the end under and pin it, like a chignon.

Fishtail crown braids.

Fishtail Crown
Instead of braiding your hair like the classic braid, tie a fishtail braid instead. Then wrap the two (or more) braids around each other to form a crown. You can use all your hair to create an updo look, or you can focus on the upper half for the braid and then leave the rest hanging down straight in the back.

Faux crown braid.

Faux Crown
If you have shorter hair, you might struggle with the crown braid. With the faux crown, you can create the look even with shorter hair. Just divide your hair into four quarters, and braid each into a long braid (or as long as possible). Then wrap each of the braids into the crown around your head, tucking under the tails as you go. If you have very short hair, you won’t be able to pull this off, but those with shoulder length hair should have no trouble.

Crown braids with flowers.

Crown Braid with Flowers
This one’s easy: Just choose any of the crown braid looks you like and add fresh or faux flowers just behind the crown. You can even use a flower headband and just braid it into the style.

What is your favorite crown braid look?

Fall Hair Trend: Oil Slick Hair

Woman with oil slick look

Motor oil may be the last thing you would think of when searching for your next beauty trend, but it has actually been the inspiration for a gorgeous hairstyle that is giving rainbow hair and sand art hair a run for their money. To get an idea of what this hairstyle looks like, think about the way motor oil looks when it floats on top of a rain puddle or is fresh on wet pavement. You see a swirl of gorgeous, iridescent colors such as purple, green and maybe even pink. That’s the look that stylists try to emulate when creating this hair color.

One of the benefits of oil slick hair is that it can be applied to darker hair. After all, the colors that you see in an oil slick are on top of a darker oil puddle. The style does not require bleaching the hair to start. The colors are applied directly to the dark hair so they appear to float on the top. The colors are not as saturated, so the look has a shimmery and iridescent look like the oil slick.

Darker colors are used to create oil slick hair since the base is not bleached. That means that the color will last longer, and you won’t have to get as many touchups. You can also avoid the damaging bleaching process.

Oil Slick Styles
Some of the most popular “styles” that are being spotted on runways around the world are slicked, high ponytails, tight braids, fishtails and low ponytails with severe side parts. This trend works a little better with straighter hair, as curly styles don’t reveal the “oil slick” appearance as well.

Oil slick hair is a great choice for your fall look since it uses warmer colors. You can enjoy an on-trend look without resigning yourself to the same-old boring brunette. You’ll enliven your style for these colder months.

While this is an easy and great look for brunettes, blonds may have a little trouble keeping the look going for more than a couple of weeks without noticing significant growth at the roots.

How to Get the Oil Slick Look
Select your dye of choice and prep hair by using a good moisturizer before AND after application. Break hair down into sections to get a more thorough and even application and after washing out use a shine serum to enhance the look of the “oil slick”. Keep hair hydrated to avoid any chance of drying out. This is not THE most reversible coloring trend available, but it can be done. There are also temporary products that can immolate this look without the commitment.

Talk to your stylist about the oil slick hair trend and how it will look on you prior to coloring. The stylist can suggest certain brands and even experiment with the different colors and intensity to get a different look if you just can’t muster up the courage to do-it-yourself.