Easy to Use Flat Iron Hair Straighteners for a Professional Look

Lionesse Beauty BarLionesse has developed a new line of professional hair straighteners that is perfect for use at home or in salons. The flat iron straighteners can gently transform even the most frizzy and wavy hair into hair that is sleek, straight and smooth. They are the same professional tools used by experienced stylists in the Lionesse Beauty Bars when they do makeovers and hairstyles for their clientele. Lionesse flat irons, which come in several different sizes, styles and colors, are all lightweight and easy to handle.

Hair Straightening TipsLionesse Beauty Bar

While not everyone was born with straight and sleek hair, Lionesse has made it easy for each person to achieve it. For the best success, flat irons should be used on hair that is completely dry. Before beginning the straightening process, apply some styling cream or straightening balm to the hair. Separating the hair into sections, use the flat iron to straighten each segment. When finished, add a little shine to hair with a quick rub of serum gloss.

Hair Straighteners with Ceramic Plates

Lionesse Ceramic plate Carbon FibrtCeramic is an ideal material to use in the flat iron plates because it heats very fast and is capable of maintaining a high heat for extended periods of time. The advanced heating process used in the flat iron takes advantage of negative ion technology to eliminate static electricity and frizz. The ceramic flat irons for straightening are available in four different color patterns. The colors range from an elegant black iron to a racy hot pink to an eye zebra to a leopard in black and white coloring. They are sold in the most popular size of 1 ½ inch, which is the ideal width for most hair types and styles. When they reach 465 degrees Fahrenheit they are ready to use. The temperature, however, can be adjusted with the heat gauge to suit user preference.

Pro Titanium Flat IronLionesse Pro Titanium Iron

The special feature in the pro titanium hair straighteners is the weightlessness of the materials used, making them very comfortable to hold while using. They have a 1-inch barrel that is appropriate for every hair type or texture. The plates attain the correct heat quickly and the heat can be adjusted by using the temperature control,

Red Tourmaline Flat Irons

Lionesse red Tourmaline Red tourmaline is a precious stone that is sought after the world over. Lionesse chose it to use in its beauty products because of its strength, ideal heating qualities and its ability to calm even the wildest hair. The flat iron hair straighteners with red tourmaline coated plates are available in two sizes. Depending on the length of the hair and the desired straightening effects, clients choose from either the 1 ½ inch models or the larger 2 inch irons. Because every type of hair requires a different heat setting, there is a temperature gauge that allows the user to control the heat of the unit. Additionally, there is a red light that glows when the hair straightener is in operating mode.