How To Make Your Wax Job Last Longer

woman getting legs waxed

Are you a regular waxer?  Waxing has definitely grown to become a very mainstream beauty service among women, and men.  It’s pretty standard for people to get some area of their body waxed on a regular basis.  If you get waxed pretty regularly, you’re probably always eager to find ways to elongate your time between appointments.  Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be able to go longer periods of time before heading back into the salon for another wax appointment?  Well, you may be in luck, because we’ve discovered some tips on how to make your wax job last longer – and we’re sharing them, now!

Make Sure Your Hair Is The Right Length
We get it, the point of getting a wax is to eliminate any unwanted hair you have on your body.  But the thing is, if your hair isn’t the length that’s suggested by the experts in that area of the body the wax will actually miss some of the hair – causing you to need to get your wax appointments more often.  So, instead of rushing to get an appointment scheduled as soon as your hair starts to grow a bit, resist the urge and really make sure that it’s the length that’s suggested for that area of the body before heading in.  This will help to ensure that ALL of the hair will be waxed off and prevent you from needing to make appointments as often.

woman applying lotion

Exfoliate and Moisturize Before you Wax
So often we just head into our wax appointment not really thinking much about any prep that we should do for our skin prior to the appointment.  Experts suggest that you exfoliate your skin before your appointment, this helps to get rid of any dead skin cells.  In addition to exfoliating your skin, make sure your skin is well moisturized before heading into your appointment.  Why is this so important?  Well, when our skin isn’t exfoliated or moisturized, it tends to be pretty dry.  When our skin is too dry it can affect the waxing process and actually prevent the wax from fully taking out the hair and instead the hair just breaking – causing you to need to head into the salon more often.  Keeping the routine of exfoliating and moisturizing helps to ensure that your skin is hydrated to allow the wax to do its thing much more effectively.

See an Expert
As tempting as it can be to do your waxing yourself at home, it’s really best to see an expert for this type of service.  Experts understand how to work with your skin in the best way, and can help to make sure you’re keeping yourself in a solid schedule for your waxing.  In general, when you get your hair waxed you will begin to notice a typical cycle that’s established.  Keep up with that schedule for the best results long-term and avoid shaving, plucking or threading between to help your hair get into a more consistent schedule.

Safe Options For Tinting Your Eyebrows

Woman applying eyebrow powder

It seems that girls and women everywhere are obsessing over facial hair. No, not the jawline peach fuzz (which each and every one of us has, by the way), rather ladies are going crazy over stepping up their eyebrow game. Not only do defined brows give a woman a powerful demeanor, but they also frame the face, which means that defined brows will help you look pulled together even on your no-makeup days. Not only are there countless ways to groom and maintain your brows, but there are umpteen different ways to color your brows. With so many options to choose from, this article provides you with the information you need to know about the safe options for tinting your brows.

Eyebrow Dye
The beauty technique hitting the market these days is eyebrow dye. When the brows are dyed you are likely to have not only darker brows, but you will also have thicker, fuller looking eyebrows. The majority of women who dye their brows are looking for a darker, more dramatic look. However, some women will use this method to give their brows natural looking full appearance. The thing to remember about eyebrow dye is that it may not be totally safe. Over the past few years’ salons started  dyeing client’s brows with an untested and non-FDA approved method and product. Today there are umpteen DIY eyebrow dye tutorials on the internet – which by the way are the furthest thing from FDA approved. The one way to make sure that you are safe when having your brows dyed is to not do it. There are dangers when drying your brows, which is why this method – as great as it seems – is not approved. With that said, there are other options to tint your brows which are both safe and FDA approved.

Woman getting eyebrows done in salon

Eyebrow Pencil
Yes, that’s right, the classic eyebrow pencil is still the safest and most used eyebrow tinting method today. When choosing an eyebrow pencil, there are a few things which you should keep in mind: first, be sure to choose a color which will match your hair color, with that said, most eyebrow pencils are only manufactured in a few different colors. If you are unsure, bring a friend with you to help you out, if you alone, ask an employee at the beauty counter. Second, opt for a roll/twist up pencil, rather than one that you have to sharpen. When applying eyebrow pencil, it’s best to outline the brow first, then go back and fill everything in. Finally, use a round eyebrow brush to brush the brows out in a feathering motion, giving it a natural look.

Eyebrow Powder
For those who wish to have more of a build-able color when coloring brows, eyebrow powder is the way to go. Just as with an eyebrow pencil, you’ll want to choose a color that coincides with your hair color. If you’re blonde, choose a light brown shade. The key to proper eyebrow powder application is the brush; it should be a small brush, almost like a lip or eye lining brush, except it the bristles will be flat against one another and be positioned at an angle. Look at reviews of brushes online if you’re contemplating which one to get.


Look Like A Model

beautiful woman

“Girls can be all kinds of beautiful – from the thin, plus-sized,
short, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned;
the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing, and all in between.”
– Source: Tyra Banks    –

Admit it! There’ve been moments when you’ve been just as shocked as the next person in the supermarket when your Sunday-morning-shopping-eyes glance up at the line in front of you. Just as you grab the customer pile separation stick-thingy you notice the titles on the tabloid covers.

“Is she PREGO or does she NEED TO HIT THE GYM?”

“She’s a WRECK since the split!!”

“Did her makeup artist call in sick today?”

It’s no secret that the media can be cruel and aggressive, but the bold yellow Ariel font is printed beside the three-time Grammy winner who is a forty-year-old mother of four. I’d kill to look like that again, you think to yourself. The “WRECK” looks better than the majority of women look when they’re at the gym. Pshh, she still looks fabulous without makeup, you think as you question if they put the wrong picture on the cover.

The tabloids have published content like this for years and it seems to work for them somehow, it’s truly nothing new, and probably the reason you stopped spending money on them when your allowance became a paycheck. Still, you look at the glossy covers today and the same question comes to your mind: how do models look so stunning on and off duty?

Makeup artist to the stars, Kristen Arnett explains that while all woman are their own kind of beautiful, it takes and effort to look like a supermodel. Here are some of Arnett’s top three tips on how to look like a model.

  • Always, always wash your face: Arnett explains that even the slightest bit of leftover product from yesterday will make the difference between dull looking or glowing makeup today. This means that even in the morning it is a good idea to give your face a quick cleanse. Now, there’s no need for a full on scrub, oil cleansing or which hazel are both good options.
  • Let your facial moisturizer do it’s duty and moisturize: A major mistake that many women make is glopping on a pump of moisturizer right before they start loading on the cosmetics. The problem with the lighting fast application is that the lotion sits on top of the skin; not only is it not going to moisturize, but it’s going to slide down the skin and take all the primer, concealer, foundation, and powder down with it! Have you ever looked in the mirror an hour after getting ready and felt that it looked like you didn’t even put makeup on this morning? This is why! When you apply moisturizer you should be using the pads of your fingers to massage the product into the skin until it is fully absorbed.
  • Be prepared for quick touchup… and another one later: Arnett explains that touchups are essential to looking like a model. The truth is that unless your makeup is tattooed on (ouch!) it’s going to need to be touched up here and there. This doesn’t mean that you need to make room for your entire makeup bag in your purse, but it’s a good idea to have a mascara, lip gloss and translucent powder tucked away behind your wallet.

Supergirl Melissa Benoist

Melissa Benoist

Helga Esteb /

If you didn’t have the chance to get familiar with Melissa Benoist’s name or face when she starred in “Glee”, you will most defiantly become familiar with this super sexy 24-year-old in the near future. Benoist was cast as the lead of “Supergirl,” CBS’s new show, which is best classified as a mix of drama, fantasy, action and sci-fi. Benoist plays Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, who made her way to earth about twenty years after Clark Kent and Lois Lane became official.

Unless you’ve been hiding from pop culture under a rock for the last few years, you surely know that male leads heavily dominate television. We love that Benoist steps into the superhero scene as Supergirl; by doing so she is sending a powerfully positive message, that girls are indeed powerful and most defiantly superheroes too.

Naturally she is often dawning her Supergirl suit while filming, but like most television stars, she caught by paparazzi offset looking super amazing. If you want to steal Benoist’s everyday style, feast your eyes on the looks bellow.

Offset Benoist has a simple, easygoing style. If you know that you’re a jeans girl, you would find yourself very fond of her closet! Steal Benoist’s boho look with a pair of highrises, distressed flair jeans, paired with a loose fitting white blouse. After tucking the front of the blouse in, add a thin belt and a floral infinity scarf. If you really want to rock her look, style your hair in loose flowing waves.

Ready to rock you favorite cut-off shorts instead? That’s no problem at all, as Benoist is often seen sporting high rise cut-off jean shorts paired with a trendy crop top tank top. However, she understands that it is important to “leave something to the imagination,” as she does not go for ultra low cut tops and she is always layering with a fitted cardigan, blazer or even hoodie.

Are you going to a summer soiree and in need of some classy inspiration? You should check out a few of Benoist’s red carpet looks. In doing so, you will find that she is one who likes to stick to a basic color pallet, typically sporting form-fitting white, black or nude dresses. Benoist always keeps her red carpet looks classy with knee-length dresses, which are never too tight.

In addition to her trendy outfits, it seems that Benoist’s makeup is always on point. If you’re interested in copying her less-is-more, fresh-faced look, follow these steps:

  1. Beginning with a clean face, apply a layer of high-quality, non-comedogenic sunscreen.
  2. Once the sunscreen has dried, use a damp makeup sponge to apply a light to medium coverage liquid foundation. If you find that you have imperfections that you would like to cover up, you can continue to build up the foundation or apply a concealer.
  3. Benoist does not over do it with the bronzer, blush or highlighter. Instead, it appears that she applies a small amount of natural looking blush to the apples of her cheeks. However, if you feel that your facial structure would best benefit from bronzer, so ahead and apply that – just not both.
  4. Lightly dust your face with translucent powder to set your simple look.
  5. Finally, grab your favorite tinted chap stick, apply it to your lips, and toss it in your bag so you can reapply it throughout the day.

Crossover Country Styles


What’s your favorite music genre?

Don’t you just loathe that question? Does TaylorSwift-Dreake-Adelle-MikePosner-MeganTrainor-TheWeekend-P!nk-FlordiaGeorgiaLine qualify as an answer?

If you’re like the majority of music consuming individuals today, you may find that that your favorite playlists are not just composed of a mix of artists, but they are consequently made up with songs from varying genres. Believe it or not, this dilemma is not a new one; fans have found their music preferences crossing over from genre to genre for decades. Mix tapes and burned CD’s certainly solved this problem in the mid to late 1900’s, but the process of actually “mixing” and “burning” was quite the time-consuming hassle. Of course, it wasn’t until Shawn Fanning, John Fanning and Sean Parker, founded Napster in 1998 that users were not only able to share and stream music, but were also capable of creating customized playlists, made of as many artists and genres as the user pleased. Time and technology progressed which subsequently gave us music services like iTunes Radio, Spotify, and Pandora, that synchronize with the music we enjoy and create playlists customized to each one of us.

Okay, so music consumers got their way, and are able to switch from genre to genre as they please, but what about artists? Just like us, they enjoy more than one genre. However, due to contracts and their fan base (amongst other factors), artists are often forced to stay within their genre. But, as you might imagine by the title of this article, not all artists limit themselves to just one genre. Taylor Swift is a perfect example of a country music artist who also excels in the pop music genre, though, Taylor is not the only country star to mingle with multiple genres. Bellow is a list of country music artists who excel in another genre. What’s interesting is most of these artists started in started in other genres such as alternative rock or pop and ventured over to the country music scene later in their career.

Bon Jovi

Debby Wong /

Bon Jovi, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”
The New-Jersey-based American Rock boy band had incorporated country sounds here and there with previous tunes, but it wasn’t until their duet with Jennifer Nettles went to number 1 on the country charts that fans had believed the band could indeed crossover. After WSYCGH, the band maintained a country presence through various collaborations.

Darius Rucker, “Wagon Wheel”
Many don’t know Darius started out as part of the less than popular soft rock/pop band Hootie & the Blowfish. Although his first shot at music wasn’t too successful (with the exception of a few chat topping pop songs), Darius has found home in the country music genre.

Jewel, “Stay Here”
Jewel had attempted a rather unsuccessful crossover from her original genre of folk-pop music to disco tunes. Thankfully, the talented artist made a comeback when she earned a spot on the Valentines Day soundtrack, which is seen as her successful crossover to the country music genre.

Sheryl Crow, “Easy”
Sheryl’s crossover from pop music to country music seemed effortless with her chart toping tune which, by the way, also encouraged strictly-pop listeners to venture to the country side.

Pets Do Mardi Gras!

Pets in Mardi Gras

Chuck Wagner /

Anyone who is an animal lover would feel completely remiss to not include their pets in every possible significant moment and rite of passage that life could ever offer, and certainly, Mardi Gras is one of the most fun, celebratory occasions to enjoy, worldwide. And Mardi Gras is certainly a pet-loving gala, with a significant pet-devoted element in celebration of these wildly varying heart-stealers belonging to human celebrants, everywhere. Additionally, cities all over the world engage in their own particular forms of “pet-honoring Mardi Gras,” to make sure that every possible area is fully covered, and from every possible angle.

How They Happen
If it’s got fur, feathers or some unique connection to the animal kingdom, your “pet owner” responsibility is to give your critter(s) the chance to join in the wild fun that only occurs once every year. It would simply not be fair to believe that such a fabulous form of celebration could belong exclusively to homo sapiens alone. Thankfully, some true visionaries who conveniently reside in a variety of strategic key station points, across the U.S. and beyond–have our precious little guys covered, with signature pet-styled fun.

St. Louis Styled–Pet Mardi Gras
This privileged Beggin’ Pet Parade, annually features thousands of cleverly costumed critters being proudly paraded through Soulard by their loving owners. For 23 years now, St. Louis has hosted this fur-real fun time. Currently designated as the world’s largest animal parade, this fun time is just rife for an explosive growth to cities across the world. And, any competition would surely be limited to registering parties, and not participants/paraders. This particular form of Mardi Gras fun comes with a modest $10 registration requirement, which all goes to benefit a very worthwhile local animal sanctuary.

On the Scene, and Upfront
What better spot to include the beloved pets among us than in New Orleans, where the Mystic Krewe f Barkus takes the reins every year? As their press release shares, they’ll be “sniffing the streets of the French Quarter,” which, by the way, has long been deemed too narrow to support the modern day parades. Founded by an important entity, Wood Enterprises makes sure that in  the same scrutinous detail associated with human celebration,  these beloved pets will receive the same attention and provision befitting all others who are celebrating. Most of these pet-oriented celebrations include the same coronations, festivities and–of course–music.

OK, you wanted to say it, but somehow just could not bring yourself to come, full circle–

“WHO Let the DOGS Out?” –There. Feel better?

Belle of the Ball

King of Mardi Gras

Chuck Wagner /

The major sustaining force behind Carnival–and particularly Mardi Gras–rests with the individual krewes that comprise the lifeblood of the event. These organizations, for the most part, are mostly open to the public. Some consist of specific member orientations, such as krewes of teachers, firefighters, Shriners, and so forth. These are the people who come together in a collaborative effort to make all of the Mardi gras parades and balls happen. With each Mardi Gras Parade Krewe, there is a distinctive theme and history. New krewes are always forming, and some have been around since the very inception of Mardi Gras.

How Krewes Support Mardi Gras
Usually, there are fees associated with krewe membership, but then, the members are required to dedicate much time and energy to raising funds necessary for Mardi Gras, as well as other important sources of charitable giving–by hosting a variety of special events that serve as fundraisers. The majority of these funds are what exclusively pay for float construction, costumes and a myriad of parade throws, like doubloons and beads. A prevalent expense for a good many krewes is the funding of their elaborate costume balls for members. These fanciful events feature the appointment of a king and queen who will reign as Mardi Gras monarchy for the upcoming year’s parades and serve as krewe ambassadors at public events. It is not altogether uncommon to find certain towns where a single krewe sponsors an entire parade–all on their own.

What visitors to Mardi Gras get to experience only represent a fraction of all the dedication and hard work that goes into the event, on a year-round basis. The King and Queen work tirelessly throughout the year while their identities are kept secret, for the big reveal the night of the ball. Balls are mostly a members-only function, and they often serve double purposes, as Ball Tableau for debutantes being presented into society. Invitations to these balls are viewed as collectors’ items.

The Super-Balls
Among the very top ball events, Bacchus, Orpheus and Endymion are renowned for hosting the most fabulous evenings. In 1949, the Bacchus ball was opened to tourists, in a first. Since then, Bacchus is the true bomb-of-all balls!

The Framework of Royals
The typical Royal Court of a krewe consists of a King, Queen, two Dukes and two Duchesses, who are nominated by members who mail nomination forms to the Captain of the krewe. From there, it’s the Captain and the Board of Directors who decide by vote on the new Court, with the names of those selected remaining a closely guarded secret until the night of the ball. Only those who have served in the capacity of Duke or Duchess are eligible to become King or Queen, and only following a three-year waiting period. After serving as King or Queen, these Royals are no longer eligible for Court duty. Spouses of Kings and Queens are ineligible for Court for five years. Spouses of Dukes and Duchesses aren’t eligible for Court for three years. All Court appointees are presented with special medallions.

Catch the Coconut

Mardi Gras

Joseph Sohm /

New Orleans is world-renowned for the particular brand of celebratory effort they put forth in their passionate claim-to-fame focused on the component of Carnival known as Mardi Gras. And the most prominent element of Mardi Gras (French for “Fat Tuesday,”) is the parades that fill the streets, in an endless processional of high-energy dancing. And every parade walker and float rider is clothed in bigger-than-life costumes–some weighing over 200 lbs., and flamboyantly garnished with vibrant colors, feathers and sequins. All are required to wear masks and float riders must have something to distribute to the crowds on either side as they pass.

From Glass to Plastic
The most commonly known Mardi Gras trinkets are the plastic beads tossed from float riders and people everywhere. At one time, these beads were made of glass, and because of potential breakage, they were passed out, and not thrown, for obvious reasons. It was only when they began being mass produced in the more resilient plastic that they could be more freely tossed and thrown out to bystanders along the parade route. Coconuts came into Mardi Gras being during a time when paraders could not afford to buy beads, so unadorned, hairy coconuts were substituted.

From Beads to Stuffed Animals
There is no particular mandate that beads must be the only item distributed, and parade goers will receive different items from different krewes. There are specific areas that are designated as family-specific venues, where instead of heavy drinking and debauchery, attendees engage in more wholesome picnics and barbecues with lighter music and G-rated elements. There, it’s common for float riders to distribute stuffed animals to the bystanding children, rather than plastic beads.

The Zulu Strict Rule that Coconuts are Never to be Thrown, Only Given out, Hand to Hand
Today, the coconuts of Mardi Gras must be hollowed out, but at one time, they weren’t, making them much heavier, and people were injured. By hollowing them out, their weight of around 1 ½ lbs. was reduced to around 4 ounces, making them less of a danger. The Mardi Gras law was instituted to cover the throwing of objects from floats, and specifically included beads, doubloons and cups. In 1987, the inherent danger of coconut throwing forced the Zulu club to eliminate coconut tossing, due to the prohibitive insurance costs, so Louisiana legislature then added coconuts to the list. Despite this legislation, the 4th Circuit has ruled that certain claimants were entitled to sue for being hit. The drained coconuts  are much more lightweight, and pose less danger to anyone hit in the head by one. These coconuts have always been the most highly coveted prize of Mardi Gras, and even with the legislated immunity, the Zulu club’s policy is that the coconuts are never to be thrown, with “The throwing of coconuts during the Zulu parade is positively forbidden. Coconuts will only be given out hand to hand.” Still, there have been several instances of flagrant disobedience to this rule, and there have been a few unfortunate injuries and lawsuits. So any float rider tossing coconuts is doing so in direct dissention to the Zulu standards.

Zulu Coconuts Over Time
It was in the early 50s when the coconuts began to be painted, and a method of sanding them with a wire brush removed the hair effectively before painting. At first, these coconuts were painted either gold and black or silver and black. The public received the silver ones, and the gold was given to sponsors. Over time, more and more krewe members got into the action, and the coconuts became more and more elaborately decorated, with more colors and glitter. And now, sadly, these time-honored Mardi Gras treasures can be purchased on Ebay by people whose feet may never even touch pavement hosting Mardi Gras parades. Some are advertised as vintage and rare, but this seems to be just unfair.

Our Favorite Victorian Era Books

Woman reading a book

The Victorian era was a rich time of great accomplishments in music and literature, perhaps inspired by the more rigid restrictions on outward display of emotion and passion. Through the period literature, both the author and the reader were provided with a measure of permission to explore a world otherwise forbidden socially. Out of the times, came great novels, many of which have remained as great classics of timeless, or eternal value. Through reading these novels, we are given a special glimpse into the Victorian life and times, in a manner as to relive the story as it unfolds, from page to page. While personal interests and points of view come to play in determining the best publications of the Victorian or any time, there are some that at least can form a starting point. These share the most broadly extended popularity, across the board, and are well worth a recommendation for anyone desiring to experience the novels from that very distinctive time.

Significant Contributions from the Bronte Family
Bronte sisters Emily, Charlotte and Anne were all, in their own rites, important contributors to the literary greatness of the period. The sisters collectively published a volume of poetry in 1846, Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell. Acton Bell was the masculine pen name under which Anne first published her writings exclusively. Her second book would sadly be her last, and if The Tenant of Wildfell Hall; 1848 (then classified as one of the first sustained feminist novels,) had not been prevented from republication after her early death at the age of 29 by sister Charlotte, Anne’s fame would have been far greater. The book is an excellent read, nonetheless. Sister Charlotte published Jane Eyre in 1847, with Gothic overtones permeating this passionate story of forbidden romance, which is lauded as the finest work from all three sisters. Sister Emily, AKA “Ellis Bell,” had only one novel, Wuthering Heights, which polarized readers, being mostly regarded as controversial in tone, in its portrayal of extreme mental and physical cruelty. It posed a threat to societal norms and ideals and dared to infer an undertone of hypocrisy, immorality and gender inequality in religion and the social classes of the day. All three novels were and are classics and highly praised.

Tess of the d’Urbervilles
Thomas Hardy’s tragic masterpiece was published in 1891, and, in keeping with his preferred style, served to reject more popular forms of ending on a positive note. And Hardy relies on the formula of a “fallen woman” to create a thought-provoking story, pessimistically surrounding her and her plight, and engendering only sympathy from the reader.

Bleak House
This 1853 novel by Charles Dickens was outsold by his better known A Tale of Two Cities, yet is lauded as his best. Thought to be loosely based on a real-life account which endured over 100 years, and involved the British legal system. This story is formed as satirically biting, and mocks that legal system using  tongue in cheek humor at its best. Its style is in the narrative, with half being from the voice of the novel’s heroine, and the other by a nondescript “very Victorian” third party.

Best 2015 Beauty Trends for Your Zodiac

Zodiac signsFinding beauty trends for your beauty sign can be daunting when you don’t quite know where to look, and or what you are looking for. Lionesse Flat Iron has some beauty tips for every beauty sign today to help you look your best all year long.

This year is said to be a very spiritual year for the Capricorn, which will enable them to connect to their inner diva, and bring out that inner fashionista. The time is now to rid your closet of all of the business attire, and focus on enticing. Black is an amazing option for your clothes for 2015 – it just suits you. Utilize this, as it will flatter you. When it comes to your cosmetic palate, black eyeliner is a must have – and in bold styles. You may also want to buy some new lingerie to freshen up your undergarment style, and trust us – you will rock it well. Bold and sexy is huge for you this year, so be sure to do it up! Winged eyeliner styles look fabulous this year in general, but for the Capricorn, a bold, black winged under eye liner which is winger upwards is the best dramatic look for you. Plum eye shadow will look fabulous with this look. Also, pair this look with a rich, dark plum lipstick for the finishing touch.

2015 is considered to be focused on building better relationships for the Aquarian. That being said, you need a look that says, ‘I’m ready for this’. Bright and bold colors such as neons look fabulous on the Aquarius this year. Opt for those when it comes to choosing an eye shadow palate. Also, focus on this when choosing your eyeliner as well. If you don’t feel comfortable with wearing bright on bright, you could opt for a bright shadow, with a bold black liner pencil. The lips should remain neutral or light pink in color this year, so be sure not to go heavy on the lipstick in bold colors. The only thing on your face we want to draw attention to is your gorgeous eyes! This is also a good idea when using a bold color on the face – to ensure you don’t detract from the boldness of the shadow, leave it to the shadow to draw the attention of its own. Keep the eyebrows bare and natural, without any added eyebrow pencil or fillers.

This is a huge year in terms of career for the Pisces. Maybe this will be the year you get that huge promotion you have been dreaming of, or perhaps you will make a big career change. Either way, the stars are on your side this year, so get ready to reach success! Not only that, but this year will also be a big player in your relationship life. You might possibly meet the love of your life, if the stars are correct in their prediction, or your current relationship will reach new highs. Celebration is in order, right? Why not celebrate with some fashionable new clothes in a muted hue? Pastels are also huge in your cosmetic palate this year. Big, bright eyes will be a great look on you this year. Opt for colors such as pinks, blues, and purples. Keep the colors soft, so blending is key. Pisces is a dreamer of sorts, so this is important to look true to self. Metallic colors and palates are fabulous in pastel for your eyes. As far as your lips are concerned, you can opt for light pinks, or bare. Always keep your face looking dewy for that fresh look, which is important to your sign this year.

This is your year in terms of romance. While other signs are set to have promise in relationships, Aries just might be the luckiest of all! Pregnancy is a high possibility for the Aries woman this year, as is engagement and marriage. Lucky you! This is also a great year to do it big in terms of style. Bright, bold lined lips in a bright pink or magenta hue is just what you need this year. Follow that with a bold bright pink lip color and a coat of gloss. You need a look that is able to keep up with your ‘I’m-all-over-the-place lifestyle’. Eyes only need a minimal amount of black liner on the bottom and top lid, and should be kept bare in terms of eyeshadow. If you must, you can use a very light dusting of pink shadow to help you feel better.

This year, the Taurus woman will want to hide away in private from the rest of the world, and that’s okay. We can’t expect to want to be in the limelight all the time, can we? And besides – it’s probably time to give another sign their time in the light for once! Although you will be more behind the curtain this year, you will definitely have a really sexy year with lots of suggestive, seductive behavior. That being said, some fantastic colors for Taurus women this year are silver, black, and jewel tones. Keeping the face neutral is a good look for the Taurus woman this year, while adding one thing to the face for a pop of color. Nothing over the top or dramatic is necessary since this is your year to remain in hiding or hibernation, whichever you prefer, and all you need is a little pop of something to go from drab to fab.

This year, Gemini women should step outside their typical box – meaning, step away from the black clothing, and focus on more eye popping colors such as neons, or combined neon colors, and pinks. This will match your personality a lot more this year, as you will be more of a social butterfly. This is the year for you to become more of an outgoing woman, head out to clubs, meet new people, find some amazing dates, and just plain have fun. The makeup looks that would look amazing on you this year are two toned lips, as in the top lip one color and the bottom lip another color, and black eyeliner. Nothing too over the top, as the lips alone are enough to get all of the attention you could need. Rock your new style!

Cancers are typically all over the place, without much of a sense of direction. They are known as the ‘scatterbrain’ of the zodiac. This year, you can rest assured that you may finally be able to settle into a schedule and get things on track. This is great news for you, Cancer! Why not pair that newfound sense of organization with some decorating? You should update your home with some earthy toned pillows, furniture and curtains. These styles will look amazing with your personality, and you will feel right at home. Also, when opting for cosmetics, opt for pale pinks and neutral tones. Metallics are a great option for you.

This is YOUR statement year, Leo. This is the year where all eyes are on you – as if they weren’t already – and you express your inner sexy with bold, drastic color schemes, like reds, blacks, purples, and dark greens. In everything you do this year, do it big and bold! Metallics look superior on you this year as well. Silvers and golds really amp up your beauty. Golds are especially nice on you when it comes to clothes this year, so be sure to wear lots of it!

This is the year you have been waiting for. A new beginning, a fresh start. Your ideal location this year is the beach, because it makes you feel at peace and in harmony with nature. You can really pull off some blues this year – royal blue, light blue, navy blue – as they coincide with your desire for peace, calm, and serenity. Grey colors are also absolutely fantastic on you this year, so be sure to wear it! Loose, worn-looking fabrics, such as long, flowy skirts are very much all you this year.

This year is predicted to be a very social year for you, Libra. Take an interest in joining a local gym and getting out there, and meeting new people. Utilize the energy the universe is providing you this year, and harness that energy into something productive that allows you to feel better about yourself. This year, yellow is the best and only color for Libra. Of course, you can wear blacks and other colors to suit your personality as well – but yellow is your color; the color that makes you feel alive. Use that in your fashion, makeup, and decorating practices.

This is a major year for Scorpios in terms of finances, so you need to look your best and be ready for it! Scorpios can expect to be very financially pleased in 2015, and because of this, they will want to look the part. As one of the sexiest signs in the Zodiac, Scorpios always love to dress up and dress out, but never take it too over the top. Oranges and greens are major colors for the Scorpio woman this year, so play on that and use it in your cosmetics, clothing, and décor in your home this year.