Hot Hair Colors For 2017

We’re a couple of months into 2017 now, and any time we have the start of a new year it comes with a range of new trends for us to look forward to.  Every year there are different hair colors that we tend to see EVERYWHERE.  That’s the fun part of the beauty industry, really, that it’s constantly changing and evolving at all times.  We always have fun chatting about trends, so we thought we would share some of the hot hair colors for 2017.  We know you want to stay on trend, and you may find that one of the hot hair colors for 2017 is something you want to try out for yourself!

woman blonde hair

Light Blonde Hair
Ok, so we know blonde hair color is always popular but every year we always see the blonde ladies taking things in a little bit different direction to keep things interesting.  2017 is all about the bright, light blonde hues on locks.  We’re seeing an all over light blonde hue happening on ladies already, it’s a great way to add some softness to your look but also do so in a color that’s light and bright.

Another different take on the blonde hair color we all know and love.  Not sure what blorange is?  Well, it’s actually exactly what it sounds like – a combination between blonde and orange.  Or rather, the pairing of the two.  This color is going to be in all different variations, with some ladies airing more on the orange side, and others more of the blonde with just a hint of orange.  It’s a great way to add warmth and a little dimension to the hair in a unique way.

Clearly, this year is all about switching up the traditional blonde and brunette shades and adding in different colors.  This is a color that experts in the industry are saying we can expect to see quite a bit of this year.  Essentially, it’s the addition of a reddish hue mixed into an allover brunette hair color.  Some are calling it a cinnamon brunette.  Whatever you call it, it’s pretty gorgeous and a totally fresh take on a brunette look.  If you’ve been trying to find a way to rock the brunette locks but feel a bit more updated, this could be the ticket for you in 2017.

ombre hair

The New Ombre
The ombre hair color trend has been around for quite a while now, and it’s obviously time for a little change to this popular hair look.  Some experts are referring to the new method as a color melt technique.  Essentially, it’s a softer take on the ombre look with less of the color change and the lighter colors placed a bit more strategically throughout the hair.

Another unexpected hair combination in the new year has got to be the bronde hair color.  If you were thinking it’s the combination of blonde and brunette, you’re right.  It’s really the combination of the two hues, creating a completely unique hair color look.

Your Hair Is Your First Accessory

Accessories are such a big part of our daily style, so often many of us feel lost if we leave the house without any accessories.  While we often think of accessories as jewelry, shoes, scarves and belts (and more) we often forget that our hair is also an accessory.  Ever think of it that way?  Your hair is your first accessory, it’s an accessory that’s with you every single day and goes with you everywhere.  Pretty great, right?  We thought we would share a couple of ways you can maximize on your hair being an accessory you have with you on a daily basis to give you some ideas.

woman touching hair

Embrace the Natural Texture
So often we spend time covering up our hair’s natural texture, but actually embracing the natural texture of your hair can be incredibly refreshing and such a powerful way to bring out the accessory element of your hair.  Our hair is all different and unique, just like what we look for in other accessories.  So why not embrace the natural texture and work WITH your hair?  It will add that personal touch to your overall look that you seek out in so many other style-related elements.

Changing the Color
One of the great things about our hair is we have so many different ways that we can make it look different and spice things up.  Since it is an accessory, one way to get a little reboot with our first accessory is to change up the color.  You can change the color as subtle or drastic as you’d like – it’s really all about what works for you, your style and is going to make you feel your best.  Talk to your hair stylist about what their suggestions might be if you’re feeling like you want a change ,but you’re not quite sure what change(s) to make with the color.

Experiment With Differenty Styles
Similar to the color options, we have so many different options when it comes to styling our hair in different ways.  If we’re all really honest, we tend to wear our hair in the same few ways all the time – losing sight of the fact that our hair really is an accessory.  Think about the fact that your hair can completely change the vibe of an outfit when you’re styling your hair.  Sites like Pinterest, are great for getting inspiration when you’re in a bit of a rut.  Adding braids, curls or different techniques may seem like a small thing, but they are fun and easy ways to switch up your hair without accessories.

While your hair is your first accessory, it’s fun to switch things up every now and then.  Even the smallest change can bring about a whole new look and feel to your overall look.  Tomorrow, when you’re doing your hair remember that your hair is your first accessory and decide how you want to work with your first accessory to create a unique and fun look.

Avoid These Hair Extension Disasters

Hair extensions have definitely grown to be a widely accepted beauty ritual.  While it was once taboo to openly share that you have hair extensions, in today’s world women are proud to share that they’ve added some hair extensions to their look.  There are so many great things that can be done with hair extensions, and they’re such an easy way to change your look.  But, with all good things, there’s always a few things that you want to make sure you’re aware of.  You know we’re always about keeping you well informed so we thought we would discuss some of the disasters that we’ve seen with hair extensions.  Avoid these hair extension disasters….

hair etensions

Visible Scalp/Base Extensions
Back in the late 90’s and early 00’s when hair extensions started to gain some momentum in popularity, there were definitely some disasters that we can’t forget.  Namely, visible scalp and base of the extensions popping up.  This is a definite no-no with hair extensions that we want to make sure you’re avoiding.  If you’re getting your hair extensions done by a professional make sure that the expert is someone who’s been trained properly in hair extensions.  If you’re opting for clip in extensions, make sure that you’re able to blend and cover the base and clip of the extensions so that it’s not visible.

Color that Doesn’t Blend
While we realize that you may be using extensions to add in a different color to your natural hair, we can’t stress enough how much of a disaster, it is when the color doesn’t look blended in with your natural color.  Even if you’re adding purple (or some other color) extensions to your hair, it’s important to make sure that the extension’s color looks like it’s blended seamlessly with your natural color.  While even though the purple (for example) isn’t your natural color, you don’t want the color to look too choppy.  If you are looking to use hair extensions to blend with your natural color, either make sure that they’ve been colored by an expert to match or match well to your natural color.

The Length Being Choppy
Similar to the hair color, you want your hair extensions to look blended in well with your natural hair.  If the extensions are a drastically different length from your natural hair’s length you want to ask your hair stylist to cut them in a way that will give them layers to naturally blend with your hair.  Typically, when adding in extensions we want them to look as natural as possible.  Since they’re typically all one length you’re going to need to ensure that they’re cut to the length that you want and need to really get the natural look you want.

Anytime you’re dealing with extensions, whether clip ins or professional – make sure that you’re using a product/service that’s of high quality.  We know you don’t want to have a hair extension disaster, so make sure you avoid some of these common disasters we’ve seen in the past.

Try A Cut With Layers For Hair That’s Less Flat

Do you get frustrated feeling like you can’t keep your hair from being so flat all the time?  We’ve all been there, that’s for sure.  Sometimes, not matter how much product or hair styling you do your hair just continues to lay flat without any movement.  If you’ve experienced that, or may be experiencing it now, it may actually be because of your haircut.  Our haircut can play a major role in how our hair lays and is able to be styled.  While there’s a lot of benefits to having all hair one length, you may want to try a cut with layers for hair that’s less flat.

woman with bouncy waves

Often times when we have our haircut all one length, our hair tends to be flat because there’s not any natural movement to the hair with the way it’s cut.  Adding layers in hair is a great way to add dimension, definition and volume.  In addition, adding layers is a great way to remove a lot of extra weight that’s in the hair that could also be contributing the hair to laying flat.  See, when our hair is one length it tends to have a lot of weight at the ends of the hair – causing the hair to struggle to have a lot of volume to it.  Layers being added to the hair help to eliminate some of that weight, allowing you to have more volume in the hair much more easily.

The great thing about trying a cut with layers is that there are a ton of different ways to get the benefits from layers in your hair, in a way that best suits your face shape and hair type.  Anytime we’re talking about haircuts and layers, it’s essential that you focus on adding them in a way that’s going to work with your hair type.  Just like when using different hair care products, taking all the different steps isn’t going to give you the results you’re interested in achieving if it’s not done so in a way that works WITH your hair type.  Layers are no different in this factor.

If you’ve been feeling like your hair has been really flat lately, and notice that your hair is all one length you may want to talk to your hair stylist about adding some layers to your haircut.  Since they are the expert, open up a line of communication and ask what they would suggest.  While we tend to have an idea of what layers will look like in our heads – there are so many different ways for hair stylists to add layers to our hair, ask them what would be the best way to get the benefits of layers in a way that works for your face shape and hair type in the best way possible.  When you are talking to your hair stylist about adding layers, be sure to mention that you’re interested in achieving hair that’s not as flat to get the best results.

Achieving Your Spring Hair Goals

New year, new hair?  We’re with you!  So many of us tend to have a feeling of a new beginning with the start of a new year, and with that comes new goals in so many areas of our lives.  If you’re like us, you have some goals for your hair that you’re really eager to achieve for the spring season.  Although we’re still in the winter season, to really achieve those spring hair goals, it’s important to start thinking about how you’re going to reach them now.  We’re sharing some of the tips we used to achieve our spring hair goals, so you can reach your own this spring season.

woman in spring

Set Your Actual Goals
Just like any other goal in life, you need to know what your goal(s) are in order to actually reach them.  If your spring hair goals are to have a certain hair color, or have your hair looking healthy and vibrant you want to get clear on what you want to achieve.  This will help you to know what you’re really working towards for your hair and allow you to then evaluate what you need to do in order to get there.  Experts suggest that one of the most important factors to consider when setting your hair goals is to make sure you’re being realistic with yourself and your hair.  If your goal is to grow your hair by 6 inches without the help of extensions, you may want to evaluate your time frame.  Be realistic,so you don’t get discouraged or frustrated.

Make a Plan
Once you know what your goals actually are, you can figure out what steps you need to take in order to reach them.  Figure out what steps you need to take to really reach them, along with a solid hair care routine to help you get there.  Coming up with a solid plan is going to be a major key in helping you to achieve your spring hair goals.  Generally, in order to reach any hair goal you’re going to need to make sure you’re starting with a solid hair care routine with the basics.  Furthermore, figure out if you’re going to need to invest in any additional hair care products or treatments to help you reach whatever spring hair goals you have for yourself.  Getting this plan in place, and getting the products/treatments you need in order are going to help you to actually stick to doing them to really help you reach the goals you have.

woman in hair salon

Get Professional Help
Any time you’re working with your hair, you want to ensure that you’re keeping your hair’s health as a priority.  Asking for the help of a professional hair stylist can do wonders for really helping you reach your goals.  When you’re setting your goals and your plan, ask your hair stylist what suggestions they have to help you reach your spring hair goals.  They can help give you product recommendations, suggestions, and make sure you’re making the most of your efforts.

Get Ready For These Hot 2017 Hair Colors

blonde woman smiling

2016 was a year filled with exciting and different hair colors, wasn’t it?  It seemed like every time we turned around there was a new bold hair color, making waves on the locks of ladies everywhere.  It’s one of the things we love most about the hair world, things are constantly changing and evolving.  Of course, now that we’re in the beginning weeks of a new year we have some brand new trends to look forward to.  New year, new hair colors?  Yep!  Get ready for these hot 2017 hair colors because you may just want to adapt one (or all) of these yourself!

Bronde Hair
You’re probably wondering…what is bronde?  Well, it’s actually exactly what it sounds like, the combination of brunette and blonde!  In 2017 it’s going to be all about the golden bronde hair, the greatest part of this hair color trend is that you’re able to adjust the tones and colors to fit your personal coloring to flatter YOU.  For those that have been hesitant to go blonde, or want a little warmth to your blonde hair, this is the perfect hair color trend for you.

woman with red hair

Can you tell it’s all about the mixing of different shades in 2017?  Blorange is a color combination of orange and red, done in pastel tones.  Since we saw so many bold and vibrant colors like blue and purple in 2016, we’re not all that shocked that the pastel color trend is coming into 2017 but with a shade we haven’t seen before.  It’s a fun, unique color combination that almost gives a blonde like hue with some fun twist to it. You’re likely going to see blorange done in an ombre effect as well as a full head in the blorange shade.

Tigers Eye
When you hear tigers eye you may think of the gemstone that’s pretty popular in jewelry and crystals, but it’s now going to be synonymous with a hot hair color in 2017!  Tiger’s eye is a different take on the ombre/bayalage hair trend we’ve seen in recent years.  For the most part, tiger’s eye in done with the majority of the hair being a dark brown shade, but mixing in lighter blonde like pieces throughout the hair in a natural and unique way.

woman with brown hair

Chocolate Mauve
Another color combination for the win in 2017!  We weren’t kidding when we said it’s all about mixing different colors together for this year’s hair color trends.  This is another unique color combination with the combination of chocolate/dark brown hair with mauve like highlights mixed in.  It’s a color trend that gives a really unique and different take on a traditional brown hair color.  So many of us tend to add in blonde highlights, but if you’re looking for something a bit different that adds some warmth and definition, it’s all about the addition of mauve hues to the mix.

Whew!  Those are some pretty hot hair colors for 2017, right?  Do you have a favorite of the colors mentioned above?

Hot Hairstyles For 2017

One of the exciting things about the start of a new year is that we get to welcome the start of brand new beauty trends.  2016 was filled with amazing and exciting hairstyle trends, and we’ve been itching to see what trends experts are saying we have to look forward to this year.  Now that we’re a couple of weeks into 2017, we thought it was the perfect time to share some of the hot hairstyles for 2017 that we can start to anticipate seeing and even adapting ourselves.

woman with brown blonde hair

Every year seems to have the debate on whether to go blonde or brunette and we see a lot of both, but something new we have to look forward to in 2017 is a new take on BOTH hair colors – it’s a combination of the two hues.  Yep, the bronde hair color is literally the combination of both blonde and brunette hair.  The great thing about this particular hairstyle is that experts are suggesting that the maintenance on this is pretty low because it’s got a more grown-in vibe to it.  Additionally, because it’s a combination of blonde and brunette it looks great on pretty much anyone.  Bonus!

Blunt Bangs with Long Hair
We’ve had so many different hair cuts, lengths and bang styles over the years, but this year one of the hot hairstyles we can expect to see quite a bit of is the blunt bang cut with a longer length.  It’s a unique and fresh take on long hair.  Since so many long hairstyles have been about no bangs or the sideswept style, a full blunt bang is a different twist that we’re excited to see more of in the new year.  In addition to the blunt bang, the style can be expected to be worn in a way that really emphasizes the natural texture of your (or their) hair.

woman with curly hair

Celebrating Natural Texture
In 2016, there was a major rise in celebrating natural texture of hair – whether a woman has naturally curly hair, straight hair or wavy, it was all about enhancing and really working with what your hair naturally does.  It doesn’t seem like there’s any sign of the natural texture celebration going anywhere anytime soon.  Many of the trusted hair experts in the industry are saying that we’re going to continue seeing the natural hairstyle celebration continuing with women embracing their natural curls and waves in a way that we’ve really never seen before.

Dramatic Side Part
The trends in hair parts always change frequently, and in the past year, it’s really been a lot about the middle part.  But in 2017, we’re expecting to see a lot of dramatic side parts to be popping up in the locks of ladies everywhere.  There’s always been something so chic about a side part, and going for a deep side part adds a fun little drama to any hairstyle – no matter what your hairstyle or texture is.

Hair Dye Gone Wrong

angry customer salon

Do you dye your hair at home often?  There are so many at home options available these days that it can definitely be tempting to take the job on yourself.  However, there are some things that can go wrong with at home hair dyes, causing a hair dye gone wrong situation to arise.  We know no one wants to be faced with that kind of hair catastrophe, but unfortunately it’s something that can happen in certain situations.  Even if you’re careful and are sure to follow the instructions on the label of the hair dye product you’re using things can happen.

You may have a friend or known someone (maybe it was even you) who had a bit of a hair dye gone wrong situation happen.  Anytime you’re dying your hair there are so many different factors that can play into hair dye going in a negative way.  Since these are chemicals you’re working with, it’s important to make sure that you have the right information and products to use to try to avoid any hair dye gone wrong situations from happening.  Experts suggest that you’re more likely to have a troubled situation come up if you’re not quite used to dying your hair or really knowing how it tends to behave in situations.

Experts suggest that the most important thing to understand when coloring your hair at home is to fully understand the process that needs to take place in order to get your hair to the color that you’re looking to create before actually starting the process.  Not understanding the process is often what leads to some ladies trying to bleach their hair blonde and ending up with pink hair.  It’s important to make sure that you’re clear on your hair’s type and texture to make sure that you get the right type of hair dye products that will work with your hair as much as possible.  Not using the right process or products can lead to you having those hair dye gone wrong situations you’re trying to avoid.

If you do experience a hair dye gone wrong mishap, experts suggest trying to utilize a clarifying shampoo product as quickly as possible to eliminate some of the product from your hair before it sets in too much.  In addition, you’re going to want to make sure that you follow up that clarifying shampoo product with a deep conditioner.  Putting your hair through a lot with coloring and then trying to fix a hair dye gone wrong can put a lot of strain and dryness on your hair – adding some deep conditioning into your hair as quickly as possible will help get your hair back into the process of being treated and moisturized so you don’t deal with too much damage after.

Of course, if you experience a hair dye gone wrong and can’t seem to get the fix at home – it’s time to make an appointment with a trusted professional.  They can help ensure that your hair’s health is taken care of and help get you to a hair color place that you’ll be much happier with.

New Year, New Hair, New You

Woman getting her hair styled

Can you believe we’re getting ready to welcome 2017 into our lives?  2016 has been filled with so many things, positive and not so positive.  Regardless, it’s always an exciting opportunity to be able to welcome a new year.  It’s always this opportunity that so many of us take to reevaluate different areas of our lives, make new goals and plans, and make some changes we’ve been wanting to make.  That start to a new year is kind of this OK we give to ourselves to start fresh and begin a new year with a new mindset.  We’re willing to bet that you’ve thought about changing your hair in some way or another with the change of a new year.  New year, new hair, new you?!

The thing about our hair is many of us tend to get into a routine with it.  We style it the same couple of ways pretty much consistently, we tend to stick with the same type of haircut, and it’s hard to get out of that hair rut.  But it’s a brand new year just days away, and a great time to make some new hair changes to bring out a whole new you.  Making even small changes to your hair can be just the refresh you need to feel like a new you in the new year.

If you’re not quite ready to make a major hair change, there are plenty of other ways you can get new hair feels into your life.  If you want to start slowly, try just doing something as simple as changing how you part your hair.  Seriously, we get so used to wearing our hair the same exact way – you might be surprised at just how different your hair looks with the change of a part.  Another seemingly simple, but powerful, way to change up your hair would be to try out some different hair care products.  Again, you might be surprised at just how different your hair looks.  While you’re at it, do a little internet searching from some hairstyling ideas and try out a few new hairstyles.  It can be such a difference in how your hair looks and how you feel!

Now if you’re feeling like you’re ready for some new hair that’s a bit more drastic than just changing your part or trying a different hairstyle, there are plenty of ideas.  One of our first suggestions would be to actually try out a different hair stylist.  Even if you love your hair stylist, it can be difficult to get yourself truly new hair when you’re still seeing the same hair stylist that’s been cutting your hair in the same way for years.  Try out someone new, and see what types of hairstyle suggestions they have for you – coming from a completely fresh perspective on their end.  Another fun way to get some new hair is to add some bangs to your look.  Bangs are incredibly versatile and a really fun and easy way to change up your look pretty simply.  You don’t have to go for a full bang, ask your new hair stylist what they suggest!

Haute Hair Colors For 2017

As we get ready to celebrate and welcome a new year, we have to acknowledge the fact that a new year means we’re going to be graced with new trends.  You already know how quickly and consistently the hair and beauty world change with trends.  Every season and every year is filled with new and exciting trends that we get to adapt in a way that’s unique to us and feels fun.  Since we’re exciting to welcome 2017, we thought it was the perfect time to share some of the haute hair colors for 2017 that we already see being pretty popular.

Tigers eye hair color

Tigers Eye
This hair color trend is pulling some inspiration from the gemstone, tigers eye.  It’s filled with a mix of brown and blonde tones, and that’s exactly what the hair color trend does.  For this hair color trend it’s similar to a mix of ombre and bayalage that we’ve seen in recent years, but with quite different shades used.  Typically the other hair color trends have been more natural in the blending of different colors, but with tigers eye it’s really about having distinct brown and distinct blonde tones mixed into the hair.  It’s a really fresh and unique take on a hair color, a great way to add a unique twist and add some fun detailing to your hair color.

Defined Lavender
You’re probably noticed that the past year (2016, that is) has been filled with vibrant and exciting hair colors.  Well it already looks like we’re going to carry over some of that colorfulness into 2017 because we’ve seen a ton of defined lavender hair happening.  Some are referring to this as a smokey lavender hair, whatever you like to call it – it’s pretty gorgeous.  Essentially it’s incorporating different tones into an all over lavender hair color that creates a lot of definition and dimension to the hair look.  Many of these hair color looks go from deep purple tones to very light and everything in between to really create a range of shades.

light blonde hair color

Light Blonde
Blonde hair colors are always popular, but in 2017 it looks like it’s really going to be about the super light blonde hair.  In addition, experts are saying it’s going to be more about blonde hair that’s more of one solid shade than a lot of different blonde tones mixed in to kind of create a unique twist on the blonde hair color trend.

Chocolate Mauve
Another super fun and unique hair color trend the experts are saying is going to be major in 2017 is the chocolate mauve hair color.  It’s stunning and a statement maker, making it super haute.  Essentially it’s having an all over chocolate hair color, but adding in mauve highlights to the mix in an ombre or bayalage type of technique.  The mauve is typically added throughout the hair to create a subtly dimensional hair color.  Since the mauve is a bit more subtle, it mixes in well with the chocolate brown color, but still gives the ability to add color into your hair.