How to Rock a Push or 3D Fingerwave

wavy hair

Recently on social media, you may have noticed the rise in push or 3D fingerwave hairstyles making an appearance in your news feeds.  While it’s a hair style that looks complicated when it’s complete, it’s actually much more achievable than you may realize.  If you’ve been feeling like you keeping having the desire to style your hair in a push or 3D fingerwave, you’re in the right place because we’re sharing tips on how to rock a push or 3D fingerwave.  Yep, we’re sharing the steps so you can achieve this look at home!

Prep Your Hair
Just like with any other hair style, prepping your hair properly is going to help make sure that you get the best look possible.  The thing with this type of hair style is you’re not going to want your hair to be completely dry to accomplish it.  Wash your hair and use a towel to get it mostly dry.  Again, you don’t want your hair totally dry here.  Mostly dry, but not dripping wet – finding a place between these two is going to give you the best results for this type of look.

woman spraying hair

The Beginning Steps
Next, you’re going to start the process of creating this hair style.  With your mostly wet hair, comb your hair into a strong side part.  Using the comb to really create the part and flattening out your hair to really make sure that your hair is tight to your head.  While doing this, many experts suggest using a gel hair styling product to begin applying to your hair.  Since this is a very structured hair style gel is found to be the best product for this part of the process.  Applying the gel to your wet hair is going to help give your hair most structure and hold.  Apply a fairly generous amount of gel and work it into your hair and comb your hair to make sure it’s being distributed throughout the rest of your hair.

Begin Creating the Waves
To start to create those 3D waves in your hair, experts suggest adding a metal clip to one side of your hair right by the part and where you want to begin the waves.  This will help keep your hair in place a bit easier.  Once you’ve done that, use your comb to go down the hair a bit and then about ½” or so down reverse the direction of the comb to then push UP towards the part and clip.  While doing this you’ll want to use your other hand to hold the hair and comb down.  Once you create that wave shape, hold it in place with another metal clip.  Repeat the process until you’ve created the waves all the way down until you reach the area near your ear.  Do this process to both sides of your hair, leave the clips in and allow your hair to dry like that to encourage the hair to stay that way.  Once your hair is dry, gently remove the clips from your hair and set with hair spray.

From Thick and Unruly to Wavy and Soft

Ever feel like your hair is just continuously unruly?  We’ve definitely all been in phases where it seems like we just can’t get a good handle on our hair looking the way we want it to.  We’re always about problem solving in the beauty department and realized that some ladies with thick, unruly hair are struggling to get their hair looking wavy and soft…the way they want it to look.  So, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips to help you go from thick and unruly to wavy and soft.

woman with curly hair

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often
The thing about thick hair is it doesn’t need to be washed as often as fine hair.  In fact, it can do damage to it which could be causing it to become too unruly.  If you’re washing your hair every day, it’s time to back off on that.  To have your hair looking wavy and soft, you’re going to need to make sure your hair is healthy and moisturized.  When we wash our hair too often it tends to strip the hair of its natural oils, causing it to become unruly and damaged.  Since you have thick hair, most experts suggest you can go a couple days between washes, and your hair will likely flourish by doing so.

Add Layers
Often ladies (and men) with thick hair tend to notice that their hair can get unruly pretty easily, but having the right haircut can make the world of a difference in this type of situation.  Many experts suggest that adding layers to thick, unruly hair can make it much more manageable and help you get that wavy, soft hair you want.  Since adding layers can take out some of the weight of your hair, and allow more natural movement you’ll likely notice that your hair will help you manage your hair much more easily.

woman spraying hair

Add Moisture
Unruly hair is often unruly also because it’s lacking some of the moisture it needs.  Thick hair (and all hair really) needs moisture, and to really get that wavy, soft hair you want, you’re going to need to make sure that your hair has the moisture it needs.  Opt for using products that really focus on adding moisture and softness to your hair.  Yes, this means your shampoo, conditioner and other styling products should be focused around adding moisture and softness to your hair.

Avoid Adding Too Much Weight
If your hair is thick and unruly, the last thing you need is to add more weight.  But we realize that you also want to add products to your hair to hold certain hair styles.  If you really want to go from thick and unruly to wavy and soft you’re going to need to focus on using hair care products that don’t add too much weight.  Opting more so for spray based products tend to help you get results from hair care products like hair spray and gels, without adding too much additional weight.

Increase Your Biotin Intake With Kefir


It’s no secret that our bodies need certain nutrients to really function properly.  You’ve likely heard us talk about the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet to help you get to your hair and skin goals.  Our hair and skin are so heavily influenced by what we put IN our bodies.  We assume that you’ve likely heard about people taking biotin supplements to help with their hair and nail growth, and appearance.  But we realize that you may not want to just rely on a supplement to get a source of biotin to benefit from what this nutrient can do for your hair and nails.  We’re sharing how you can increase your biotin intake with kefir.

If you’re not fully aware, kefir is a dairy product that’s been found to yield some pretty powerful benefits.  It’s said to have the most probiotic sources in the world, along with plenty of other nutrients.  It’s basically a fermented milk source that comes from cow, goat or sheep’s milk.  However, there’s not just a milk based form of kefir.  Those that struggle with dairy can still benefit from kefir as there’s a water kefir source as well.  Water kefir is created from coconut water, or another sugary water source.  As we said, it’s the most powerful source of probiotic available on our planet but it doesn’t stop there.  It’s high in plenty of other nutrients like calcium and magnesium.  And of course, it’s really high in biotin – hence why we’re bringing it up here.

We’ve established that kefir is an incredible source of biotin.  But you may be wondering how you can actually incorporate it into your diet.  There are plenty of kefirs available for you to purchase at certain stores.  Experts suggest making sure that you look for more organic based kefir sources to really get the best benefits from incorporating it into your diet.  With milk kefir sources you can increase your biotin intake by of course drinking them.  But if you want to do more than just drink kefir, you can add them into many different recipes.  Many suggest that milk kefirs are able to act as substitutes to yogurt, sour cream and heavy cream in recipes.  In addition, you can add milk kefir sources to your favorite creamy soup recipes and other recipes that call for a creamy additive.

If you struggle with dairy products and need to opt for the water based kefir sources, you can still do more to increase your kefir intake aside from just drinking them.  Some experts suggest adding water based kefir to your smoothies, or salad dressings to switch things up.  In addition, if you like to drink your water kefir source you can purchase it and have fun adding different additions to it like you would with regular water.  Mix it up by adding different fruit combinations, or even fresh herbs.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of ways to increase your biotin intake with kefir – you’re sure to find a way to add kefir to your routine!

The Benefits of A Blast of Cold Water

woman showering

Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like warm water when it’s cold outside.  However, while the temps are lower during the winter season you may want to start doing your hair and skin a favor by embracing a blast of cold water when taking a shower.  We know, we know it sounds a bit out there during the winter months, but there are actually some great things that can come from incorporating this into your shower routine.  You know we’re all about telling you the reasoning behind things, so we’re sharing the benefits of a blast of cold water for your hair and skin.

Helps to Seal Your Pores
You may not even realize this, but when your skin is in hot water, it actually opens up your pores.  That’s not a bad thing, and opening your pores is great to help get your skin thoroughly cleansed.  However, once you’re done cleansing your skin you don’t want your pores to remain open or be open much longer.  Giving your skin a blast of cold water after you’ve cleansed your skin really helps to seal your pores much more thoroughly, which can also help to prevent too much dirt and oil from clogging your pores when they’re open.

Helps With Reducing Frizz
Similar to what we said above, when we just use hot or warm water our hair tends to be stripped of the natural oils.  When our hair is stripped from the natural oils they become dry and brittle (as mentioned above), which can also cause our hair to become frizzy in appearance and texture.  To eliminate and prevent a lot of frizziness from occurring in our hair, blasting it with a dose of cold water helps to lock in the oil and actually closes the hair cuticles.  Similar to like we said about the skin’s pores, the hair works in a similar way.  So the cold water helps avoid frizz, and has even been found to help hair look shinier and healthier because of the cuticles being closed and protected.

womans hands and nails

Helps the Natural Oils in Your Skin and Nails
Our skin and nails have a natural oil that helps to protect them, using too much hot water has been found to strip that oil from the skin and hair.  Sealing our skin and hair with a blast of cold water has been found to help protect and maintain those natural oils in our hair and skin.  Stripping these oils from our skin and hair often cause them to become dry and brittle, so sealing them with that cold water helps to keep more moisture and hydration.

Helps With Swelling
So often we end up with puffiness, swelling and inflammation in some form or another with our skin.  If you have some swelling in your skin, blasting your skin with some cold water can do wonders for you.  The cold water has been found to help reduce swelling and puffiness in the skin – even helping to minimize the appearance of under –eye circles (which are typically caused by swelling).

Bedtime Hairstyles That Your Locks Will Love

When you think of doing your hair, do you think of going to bed?  Odds are, you probably don’t – most of us don’t!  However, there are some pretty great bedtime hairstyles that your locks will love.  Seriously!  Experts and ladies all around the world have discovered some great hairstyles that you can do before heading to bed in the evening that can allow you to wake up to gorgeous hair that you don’t have to worry about spending a great deal of time styling in the morning before you start your day.  We’re all about getting as much shut-eye as possible before starting your day, we’re sharing those hairstyles to help you have a great bedtime AND morning routine.

woman with hair bun

Wavy Hair
Getting that gorgeous wavy hair isn’t always the easiest thing, but it turns out, it’s a bedtime hairstyle you can do at night to allow you to wake up to flawless curls.  All you do is tie your dried hair up into a loose bun by grabbing your hair into a ponytail and twisting the hair around until you curl it up into a bun.  To secure the hair, pin it with a few wide toothed clips around the base of the bun, along the outside.  Head to bed with your hair styled that way and simply release it in the morning and run your fingers through your hair.  You’ll end up with loose waves that look like you spent a lot more time styling them.

Curly Hair
Want to get more of a curl to your hair without spending a ton of time in the morning?  Fortunately, you can style your hair at bedtime to get gorgeous curls in the morning.  Starting with dry hair, you’ll want to spray it with a texturizing product.  Once you’ve done that, simply place a stretch type of headband over your head and hair in a way that’s across your head (think of that boho/hippie vibe).  Once you’ve done that all you need to do is start taking different sized sections of hair and loop it and tuck it into the headband.  Simply wake up in the morning, release your hair and you’ll find you have gorgeous curls.

woman braid in bed

Crimped Hair
We’ve had such a fun time embracing some of the 90’s style inspiration, we had to share a fun way to get that crimped hair that we all used to love and adore (because we’re kind of still loving it now).  Want crimped hair?  All you have to do is add some braids to your hair before going to bed!  Depending on how much crimping and where you want the crimping in your hair will determine where you place the braids in your hair.  If you’re looking for an all over crimped hair style you’ll want to do some French braids to get all of your hair into it.  While if you just want the ends of your hair crimped just do a low ponytail braid.  Spritz your hair with some mousse or foam before doing the braid (you can do this with damp hair) and you’re done!  Just release the braid in the morning and use your fingers to style the sections neatly and you’re good to go.

Are You Ready To DIY Your Haircut?

woman cutting her own hair

Ohhh haircuts, they are one of those things that we all have to do every so often whether we like it or not.  But truthfully, in order to really keep your hair healthy and happy. you need to get your hair cut on a somewhat consistent basis.  We’ve noticed a rise in chatter among the internet around DIY haircuts, many ladies have decided to take their haircuts into their own hands and really do it themselves.  Look, we get it – getting your hair cut on a consistent basis can be a financial and time investment.  Are you ready to DIY your haircut?  We’re sharing some of the things you should consider and know before you DIY your haircut.

Do Research
Before you get started with a DIY haircut, you’re going to want to make sure you do a bit of research.  We’d hate for you to end up chopping your hair in a way that leaves you feeling less than excited about your hair.  Before picking up any scissors, watch some tutorials, read over some suggestions from bloggers that are sharing how they DIY their haircuts.  There are a ton of different techniques and tips that different ladies have learned and experienced themselves, utilize the information that we have access to from the internet by retaining it before you really get started and decide if it’s the right haircut method for you.  If you watch and learn enough tips that leave you feeling excited and confident in a DIY haircut, it could be a great option for you to save some time and money on your next haircut.  However, if you go through the information you find and feel more overwhelmed and confused it may be best to leave it to the experts on this one.

You Need the Right Tools
Just like achieving that flawless makeup look you love, you need the right tools and products to really make sure that you’re able to DIY your haircut in a successful way.  It’s ESSENTIAL that you have sharp hair-cutting shears to really DIY your hair in the best way possible.  Having the right type of scissors is going to help you get a better cut on your hair, not having the right type of scissors can be the difference between a great DIY haircut and a disastrous one.  If you don’t have the proper tools, and you don’t want to invest in having the right tools – you may not be ready to DIY your haircut.

Don’t Rush
So many of us tend to be in a hurry all the time, because…we live in a world that’s constantly on the go.  But when you’re thinking about attempting to DIY your haircut you’re going to want to take a step back and think about whether or not you’re really willing to NOT rush through the process.  This is especially true when you’re just considering trying it for the first time.  Like anything, it’s going to be a learning experience and not something you’re going to want to rush through.

What To Do When You Apply Too Much Hair Product

woman spraying hair

By now, you probably know that using hair product can be an essential part of really taking care of your hair in the best way possible.  However, if you’re using hair products on a daily basis, you may have had a few days where you noticed you applied a little too much product in your hair.  Naturally, that tends to happen when there’s not enough time to start over – like when you’re trying to head out of the door.  If you find yourself in a pinch with a little too much hair product applied, you’re going to want to keep reading because we’re chatting about what to do when you apply too much hair product so you’re prepared the next time it happens.

Too Much Gel
Find yourself with a bit too much gel in your hair?  Too much gel in your hair can leave your locks looking a bit crusty, oily and wet – and no one wants that.  If you find yourself in this situation, one of the best ways to deal with it is to actually add a bit of dry shampoo to your hair.  It’s been found that adding dry shampoo can combat some of the excess wetness in your hair (hence the DRY, in dry shampoo).  Just be sure you don’t then add too much dry shampoo.  Add a little at a time and work it into your hair.

Too Much Hairspray
Trying to get your hair to stay in place can definitely lead to ending up with too much hairspray in your hair.  If you find that you’ve applied a bit too much hairspray into your hair, you’ve probably noticed that your hair is a bit too crunchy or even tacky.  Experts suggest that if you find yourself with too much hairspray in your hair one of the quick ways to fix your hair look is to actually add a bit of oil into your hair.  The oil can combat the dryness that the hairspray causes.  Just make sure you’re not adding too much oil, similar to the dry shampoo add a very small amount work it in and add more if needed.  Remember, a little oil goes a long way.

hair oil

Too Much Oil
Oil based products are great for adding hydration to your hair, but unfortunately using too much of these hair products can leave your hair looking greasy and oily.  If you find that you’ve added a bit too much of your oil based hair care product the quickest way to combat that look is to add some dry shampoo (is there anything dry shampoo can’t do?).  The dry aspect of dry shampoo helps to soak up some of the oiliness in your hair pretty quickly.

Too Much Mousse
Use a bit too much mousse?  It’s a great hair product, but can end up leaving your hair looking a bit messy when you’ve added too much.  Mousse tends to be a product that’s easily overused, as well.  If you find you’ve added a bit too much to your hair experts suggest using your hair dryer over the areas of your hair that have a bit too much and using your hands to continue styling your hair to help fix the oops.

Managing A Too Short Hair Cut

Getting your hair cut can be a process, whether it’s positive or negative we’ve all had an accidental ‘bad’ hair cut.  Or furthermore, a hair cut that ended up being much shorter than we had originally anticipated.  Of course we totally understand (and we’ve been there) when you have a hair cut that turns up too short, and you’re left trying to figure out how to deal with it until it begins to grow out.  Managing a too short hair cut doesn’t have to be as bad as you may think – we promise!  To help you out, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips.

woman with short red hair

Don’t Panic
We realize this is much easier said than done, but if you end up with too short of a hair cut it really is important to take a few deep breaths and not completely panic about it.  We get it, it can be a shock and something you weren’t completely prepared for but remember it is hair and it WILL grow back out.  In addition, make sure that you communicate with your hair stylist to let them know it wasn’t the length you were expecting or going for.  Communicating with your hair stylist will help to ensure you don’t run into this problem again in the future.  In addition, your stylist may be able to give you some tips on how to style your too short hair until it begins to grow out.

Try Not to Over Heat
What does heat have to do with too short hair?  Well, when your hair is shorter than you wanted, you’re obviously going to want it to grow out as soon as possible – but to encourage your hair to grow out more quickly and healthy you’re going to want to make sure you’re taking care of your hair as best as you can.  This means that cutting back on the amount you’re using heat on your hair is important.  We’re not saying you can’t use heat at all, but try not to over style your hair with heat.  Often times, when we’re not happy with our hair and the cut we over compensate by applying more heat than we should.  Resist the urge and make sure you’re giving your hair a break from heat as often as possible.

woman styling hair

Use Quality Hair Care Products
Just like we said above, you’re probably going to want your hair to grow out as quickly as possible.  Another way to help assist with that is to make sure that you’re using quality hair care products that are going to keep your hair healthy and happy.  Adding in a quality hair mask on a daily basis can help give your hair an extra boost of hydration and moisture, promoting growth much more.  In addition, you may want to add in a hair growth supplement – any little bit helps!

Try Different Hair Styles
Of course, we can’t forget to mention that even if you’re not thrilled with your hair’s length it’s important to work WITH it.  Try out different hair styles and experiment – you may be surprised at the different options you have once you get over the initial shock.

Protect Your Hair From Wind Damage

Woman laughing

The winter months always bring a different weather climate that we need to adjust to.  Sure we experience the same seasons every year, but it always tends to catch us a bit off guard at the start of the season.  Typically, the winter months bring more wind throughout a lot of the country.  The downside to that wind isn’t just the cooler temps, but also the fact that it can wreak major havoc on our hair.  Let’s be honest, it’s pretty frustrating to end up with a tangled mess with your hair when you’ve dealt with a lot of wind.  To keep you informed, we’re sharing some of the best tips to protect your hair from wind damage.

Keep Your Hair Moisturized
The wind can really put a beating on your hair, causing it to get tossed around and tangled.  But that mess is even worse if your hair isn’t well moisturized.  Many experts suggest that there’s major importance to making sure that you keep your hair super moisturized (especially as we’re in the dry winter season) to help protect your hair from wind damage.  The thing is, typically when your hair gets blown around by the wind it’s more prone to tangles and knots that can cause more damage to your hair, instead keeping your hair moisturized you can make sure that your hair is healthier and when your hair is healthier and more moisturized it’s less likely to develop unruly knots.

Woman enjoying the winters

Wear Accessories
Another great way to protect your hair from wind damage is to actually put some hair accessories to good use…to literally protect your hair from the wind altogether.  Adding and wearing things like hats and scarves can be a great way to keep your hair down so it’s not so exposed to the wind.  In fact, wearing a hat or a scarf over your hair is a super easy way to not have to deal with your hair getting tossed around and damaged because your hair is literally under the accessory.  Pretty simple, right?  The great news is there are a ton of trendy and fun accessories that you can wear on a regular basis when it’s windy out so you don’t have to worry about the accessory ruining your outfit – in fact, it may make it even better!

Wear Your Hair Up
Of course, if you’re not much of a hat kind of woman you still have options.  Wearing your hair tied up and back is going to give you a similar effect as the hat – meaning, tying your hair back helps allow you to not have to worry about your hair getting tossed around and damaged.  Try out different hair styles, there are plenty of easy hair styles that won’t take much time, will protect your hair, and still give you great style.  Try out some of the trendy braided hair styles, or throwing your hair back in an effortless low bun.  The options are endless, and your hair will be well protected.

The Right Way To Use Dry Shampoo

Woman scratching her head

Dry shampoo has definitely become a buzz word around the beauty world.  You’ve probably heard a lot of hair care experts talking about dry shampoo, or even your close girl friends chatting about it.  Regardless, you’ve likely heard about dry shampoo if you’re not already an avid user of the beloved product.  It’s become known for so many great uses, it’s really no wonder everyone’s talking about it.  However, just like with anything else there’s a right way and a wrong way to use it.  We want to make sure you’re on the right path, so we’re chatting about how to use dry shampoo.

When getting started with using dry shampoo, experts suggest first starting by spraying your hairline (in front) before doing anything else.  Now, keep in mind that it’s essential that you’re not spraying the product too close to your hair as it will distribute a lot of product and leave you with a white finish on your hair.  So start by spraying the hairline pretty quickly and gently, not leaving too much product on this area.  Once you’ve done the hair line it’s time to move on to the rest of your hair.  To really get the best use out of dry shampoo the way it’s intended it’s suggested to separate your hair into sections so you have more control of your hair and what you’re spraying with the product.  You don’t need to get crazy with creating a ton of sections, just separating your hair down the center in the back (and however you wear your part typically on top of your head), then just breaking the two sides up in half into a front and back section.  Typically separating right around where your ear is, is perfect.

Once you’ve got your hair sectioned off it’s time to start spraying your roots.  You’re really just focusing on the roots when using a dry shampoo product.  Typically the best way to go about this process is to grab small sections within the sections you’ve created and begin spray your roots with the product (again not too close or leaving too much product behind).  Once you spray each section flipping it over to the opposite side to move on to another section is a great way to keep the already done pieces out of the way.

After you’ve done that to your entire head, some experts suggest running a brush through your hair to evenly distribute the product through your hair and really get a good blending done.  If you want to get a bit more volume you can even flip your hair upside down and use your fingers if you don’t want to use a brush.  This also helps to shake up some of the dry shampoo and any pieces that may have gotten a little extra spraying in.  If you choose to use a brush to distribute the product throughout your hair, opt for a bristle brush as they tend to work better in situations like these for your hair. Now, go make use of dry shampoo like it’s meant to be used!