5 Minute Beach Hair Styles

Summertime is here, and that means plenty of trips to the beach will be made this season! We’ve waited for this all year, and now that it’s finally here, it’s time to take full advantage. When you’re headed out for a day of fun in the sun, catching waves and indulging in a little ‘me’ time, you want to look cute and stylish, no doubt. You might be asking yourself, “How should I fix my hair?” Today, Lionesse brings you some quick and simple beachy hairstyles to kick your day off right – and they only take 5 minutes to complete. How could you not love that? Let’s take a look at them, and you can get started on prepping yourself for your beach day sooner rather than later.

Woman with wavy hair in a beach.

Wavy styles scream beach styles. You can braid damp hair the night before to wake up in the morning, remove the hair tie, and indulge in the waves left behind, or you can even go in with a curling wand or curling iron to create some loose waves before heading out to the beach.

Woman wearing a sun hat with a 3-strand side braid hairstyle

Simple 3 Strand Side Braid
A simple braided style is one of the beachiest, cutest styles you can create in far less than 5 minutes. If your braid skills are on point, you could probably create a much cooler braided style, such as a fishtail braid or waterfall braid in 5 minutes or less, but a simple 3 strand side braid is super cute, stylish, and pretty – and perfect for the beach to keep your hair out of your face when the breeze blows. Simply grasp three strands of your hair in equal amounts and bring them to the sides of your head. From there, interweave them one over the other and secure with an elastic. Simple, easy and done – and this should literally only take about 1 minute to complete.

Woman with a ponytail in a beach

Ponytails are an incredibly simple style to create, no matter what type you opt for. This season, mid-head pony’s are pretty popular, so if you’re going for style, opt for one of those. If you want to keep your hair completely off your shoulders, opt for a high pony. And if you are going for a comfort style, opt for a low, loose pony. Style it up with a pretty hair tie adorned with a large flower, or pair your pony with a headband to keep flyaways from tickling your face.

Woman with a natural hairstyle in a beach

Au Natural
Let’s face it – your hair is probably going to wind up getting wet and messy anyways, why not rock the now trendy au natural hair style you are blessed or born with? Leaving your hair as is is a great way to say, “Forget the styling today, I’m going to have fun and not worry about my hair. “ From your bed to the beach, all you need is a little finger tousle and voila – perfectly natural hairstyle which is perfect for a beach day.

Woman wearing a bikini with a top knot hairstyle

Top Knot
When all else fails, the messy top knot is there to the rescue. Simply create a messy bun style on top of your head and secure with an elastic. Super simple and easy, and the messier, the better. This will keep you the coolest out of all of the styles mentioned, as it completely keeps the hair away from the body.

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